Sortie 1 Saw the first appearance of France's finest pilots, the aviation militaire in a flight of three SPAD VII high patrolling above the mud and trenches of No Man's Land. Arrogant as ever the Hun was quick to offer battle, sending up three Albatros DII scouts to contest the skies. The French pilots spotted their adversary below, and pounced, barreling in from out of the sun and the first boche machine exploded in a massive fireball! A swirling dogfight ensued, with aeroplanes circling each other, first one side then the other gaining advantage; suddenly the second Albatros burst into flames! The German aviator tried desperately to steer a course for his own lines, but his machine was to heavily damaged and the burning wreckage was seen to fall near the enemy trenches. Outnumbered, the third Hun decided discretion was the better part of valor and flew off to the east and safety.

Sortie 2: Once more the impudent Boche sought to wrest control of the air over the front and again, the brave French airmen were ready for them! At least one of these these enemy aviators seemed to be an inexperienced replacement because the Spad pilots had little trouble gaining the advantage and the first Albatross was sent spinning earthwards. Trouble for the Allies quickly followed when the high powered Spad overshot his victim and disappeared behind German lines. Moments later, a second Spad made a navigational error and was also last seen over enemy territory. Outnumbered and out gunned the third allied pilot conceded the contest and returned safely to French lines. The fate of the two missing pilots is still unknown; all of France is praying for their safe return.

Mission 2 Result: Allied victory. Points awarded: Germans 6 points, Allies 14 points. Campaign total so far: Germans 14 points, Allies 23 points.

Pilot's personal points going forward:

JJ 11

John H. 15 Confirmed kills 4*
Jim 1

* Allied HQ received a report from a horse artillery battery near Ypres confirming a second Fokker shot down on June 2nd. Click image for larger version. 

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