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Thread: Nieuport 17 and 24

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    Default Nieuport 17 and 24

    Nieuport 17 et 24

    So we don't have the Nieuport 24 (24Bis in fact) in WoW but as they pretty much look like the 17 (same typical tail) I think it would be easy to play some N24b with the N17 cards or miniatures...

    N24 have a speed of 187 km/h (same speed as a Camel) against 164 km/h for the 17... So it would use a speed 2 deck such as the B one.

    Also it has stronger wings structure than the 17 so I would move it to 14 hits.

    So I think this would be right for the Nieuport 24Bis :

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    Wish I had those right now. I'm playing the Entente side with my sister-in-law against my brother and a few others in a semi-accurate historical scenario. He's killing us because we are using Morane-Saulniers and Nieuports (the weaker sorts) against his Fokker D.III's, Fokker E.III's, and Halberstadt's. We're gettings our butts handed to us on a regular basis because our planes only have 10 damage and then it's bye-bye time. We have "B" damage decks, while they have some "A" and "B" damage deck planes. It stinks gettin' whipped all the time.

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