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    My children and I picked up Wings of Glory WWI and have been enjoying learning the game. I had bought a few planes a number of years ago but didn't really play. So far we have just played the basic game.

    Are there some good planes to start with?

    Also is there a group that plays in the Cleveland/Chattanooga area?

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome Robert. Best planes to have are historical matches. 2 seaters are always fun, especially ones that can Immelmann!

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    Hi Robert! Welcome to both the game and the forum!

    If you've already invested in WW1 (WGF), there are a number of solid options available. Each of the Series 1 reprints are competitive (SPAD S.XIII, Albatros D.Va, Sopwith Camel, and Fokker Dr.1), as are a number of the the mid-war options from later serIes, though they can be increasingly more difficult to acquire... the Hanriot HD.1 is often underestimated, as is the Aviatik. You'll also find fans of the Tripehound (the actual aircraft, if not Ares' "interpretation" of it).

    Fokker D.VIIs are still available, and are ridiculous... and the Snipe is a deadly piece of kit in it's own right. All fun to fly.

    I'm a big fan of the two-seaters (whether Entente or CP)... they add a ton of mission options, and are superb kites. You can't go wrong with the Bristol Fighter (think of a single-seat scout but with the addition of a "sting" in the tail), DH.4, Halberstadt CL.II, or Hannover CL.III. Great aircraft.

    What do you count among your collection at this point? That might help with suggestions.

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    I've yet to have the opportunity to fly the Fokker D.VIII (E.V) or Nieuport N.28, but those look to be worth a "go" as well. As Peter mentioned, try -- when possible -- go pair kites from the same era... though this doesn't always work as the tech evolved so rapidly.

    Whichever direction you go, fun is always the goal.

    Please don't hesitate to ask any questions... This is an amazingly knowledgeable and helpful community.

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    G'day Robert & welcome to the 'drome on behalf of the pilots who fly in NSW down in Australia.
    As others have said its a good idea to match up aircraft from a close time period.
    I am partial to the early aircraft like the Moranes, DH-2's, Fokker E.III's, Halberstadt's & early Albatross D.II & Nieuport N17 & Spad VII.
    In the later period Camels & Albatros D.III & Va. Sadly no SE5a's around at the moment.

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    welcome to the drome Robert!!!! im partial to the fokker dVII myself. the big bombers can be fun as well!

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    Glad you've found the Forum, Robert! As those above have said, pairing historical planes is the easiest way to get 'fair fights'...

    One of our favorite combinations is the classic Sopwith Camel vs. the Fokker Dr.I triplane, but the Camel does well against the Fokker DVII, too. Those should be easy enough to find if you don't happen to have them yet.

    Enjoy the game - as Chris said, that's the most important part!
    All the best,

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    Welcome from Poland, Robert.
    Basically you can not go wrong with any mini in WGF, while this is not that easy in WGS IMHO.
    So pick your WWI planes with confidence.
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    Welcome to the 'drome Robert, have a look at the updated tactical walkthrough of aircraft here in general discussions that should help you select planes, or at least give you an idea about them & the periods they flew in.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Welcome Robert
    I'd read Flash thread. It is realy good.
    There are so many planes to choose from. I like them all

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    Welcome to the site, Robert. And to the great world of air history

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    Welcome to the 'Drome, Robert, from Middlesex in the U.K.

    As stated above, the best WW1 match-ups are late war scouts; Camel, Albatros DVa, Fokker Dr1, Spad XIII, Siemens-Schuckert DIII, Nieuport 28 will all provide a decent fight, while each having their own advantages/disadvantages.
    Flash's thread "Tactical Walkthrough of Aircraft" is a gold mine of information for the rookie 'Dromer!

    Good luck over the lines!

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Robert, from here near Norwich in the United Kingdom. I am not going to add to the above advice.

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    Thanks for all the advise. The Tactical Walkthrough was a great help.

    So far we have Sopwith Camel, Spad XIII, Hanriot HD.1, Albatros D.VA, Fokker D.VIII, Fokker DR.I, Halberstadt CL.II, Hannover CL.III A.

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    Welcome Robert, from Bristol UK.
    Try playing with the Hanriot, you wil be surprised just how a neat little aircraft it is

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    Welcome, Robert.

    Any plane is fun to fly, or sometimes more a challenge, depending on the opponent. I tend to go for historical match-ups, so any part of WWI is fair game. Get a variety of planes, with different maneuver decks would be my suggestion. Then, when you have an appreciation of all the planes, you can choose to narrow your selection to a specific period.

    For reference, you might find this thread useful: General Overview of WWI Miniatures - Timeline and Theaters 2014

    That info could let you pick a period to start collecting, too.
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    Welcome to the 'drome Robert from W.Ky.
    I normally fly a mix of planes in any group or mission I do. The Entente normally fly Sopwith Camels and Snipe, SPAD XIII, Nieuport 17 & 23. While the Central Powers fly Fokker D.VII, Dr.I, Albatross D.III & D.VA.
    I try to balance each group so they have around the same damage point totals, at a plus or minus 2-4 points.
    I'm probably one of the crazier ones on here because I have yet to get a group going in my area so, I do a lot of solo missions using up to 5 planes a side. I do not use the AI rules, artificial intelligence, that are discussed here on the forum.
    Since you have family that plays with you I would say sit back, look at some of the scenarios people have come up with, play them and enjoy the fights.
    If you do any After Action Reports or have a game night, add a few pictures to help tell the story.

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    Welcome aboard Its great that you are playing with your children. My daughter used to play, her favourite is the Siemens Schuckert. She has her own repaint in the colours of her pet snake (!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josephus27 View Post
    Thanks for all the advise. The Tactical Walkthrough was a great help.

    So far we have Sopwith Camel, Spad XIII, Hanriot HD.1, Albatros D.VA, Fokker D.VIII, Fokker DR.I, Halberstadt CL.II, Hannover CL.III A.
    That's a pretty good start Robert, look for a Fokker D.VII, they're the best and maybe a Nieuport 28 to go against it, and/or a Sopwith Snipe & for Entente two-seater's get a Bristol Fighter & a DH4.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Hello Robert - welcome to the 'drome from here in the UK

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Robert.
    Have fun!

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    Just caught this one. Welcome to the Drome Robert.
    My word! What a good name that is.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    You also drew my attention to Robert's post, Rob.
    Welcome from Poland, Josephus27.
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    Welcome Robert! You will find very helpful folks here.since you fly for Italy,nieuport 17s and hanriots were their scouts.flying against albatrosses and pflaz Dllls. Both sides used sea planes.I've really enjoyed flying bombers, Caproni's and Gotha's.lucky you,most kids just want to play on the computer or a tablet.

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    Hello and welcome!
    I really like to fly different planes, so I try to buy a variety. I also build paper versions.
    Of course, I'm a restless person and like to experiment.
    I love flying against my dead-eye daughter. Her favorite is the Fokker D VII.

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