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Thread: Official North American P-51 Mustang Painting Thread

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    Thanks for the kind words about these planes. I did wipe the paint off the canopies about ten times before I liked what I had. I have to thank Peter Landry for giving me some tips that made these come out as well as they did.

    As for the historical markings, I just went with the letters that came in the decal sheet. I wasn’t trying to match the planes to pilots, just making game pieces to play with that look similar to other planes during the period. I knew that letter”I” was accurate as I found pix of that plane, then just went in alphabetical order after that, ”J, K, L”. Tip and tail colors are just to ID the planes better in the game.

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    Agreed, those Mustangs are awesome

    Sorry Dave, REP gun jammed

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