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Thread: Pilot Cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikkifriend View Post
    Excellent art work Kelly Will be downloading them when I get a new colour cartridge for the printer.
    Thanks mate, I uploaded them into the "Fan Artwork" section. I assume that was the correct spot for them.

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    Thanks Kelly they are outstanding, your very gifted.

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    I have uploaded some of the early fliers.
    Hans Joachim buddecke
    Ludwig Hautzmayer
    Max Immelmann
    John Andrews
    Robert Saundby
    Lanoe Hawker

    They are currently in the moderation queue but hopefully be up soon.

    I also done up a couple custom cards.

    I have added the custom repaint that I did of Voss's Fokker to my own personal pilot card. The same with my Jacobs repaint creating a whole new pilot card.
    What I done was take a photo on a white background with my plane on two pegs.....posing it in a similar fashion to the photos that Ares have of their planes.
    I used my plane and Ares base in their photo and combined them. The reason is so that they all look similar on the cards.

    So, if anyone that is interested in the cards would like to have their custom plane on them as well send me a photo and I will make up a card for it. For photos I would use white or a solid color backdrop for taking the picture. Solid color for lighter planes would probably help me in working with the image. Also eliminating as much shadow is also helpful. Cheapest and easiest way I do it is put a piece of paper halfway over my flash before taking the picture....that seemed to be enough for me to work on my pictures.
    Anyway, there they are. Please let me know guys if there are any mistakes on the ones I currently uploaded or the custom ones here.

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    very cool stuff, if you had them printed by a custom card maker and put them up on ebay <o'uch did i say that!> i am sure collecor world wide would have you busy. as for me, i'll wait for the "TEST RUN" set lmao

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    Not all my imaging so printing to sell would get me in trouble.
    I have did some test prints for my own set (just from my home printer) .....Haven't decided yet what size to go with before I print me a set on card stock.
    Still have several cards to go yet as well.

    Also need to figure out what to use for a card back.

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    Fun idea! The cards look very good. They are actually something WOG was really missing yet!

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    Kelly use the back side for ace abilities and make them baseball card size or WAS size cards. I think you have a very interesting idea.

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    How did I miss this. Those are fantastic. Great job on the effort to make them.

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    Name:  4-13-2014 3;34;10 PM.jpg
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    Kelly I am sitting here and having a beverage and had this thought. Made this card because of your work. Hope you don't mind. Did two sided business card. You could use them for a game or to promote the game/site.

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    Off-topic: Do you know, whether somebody is preparing similar pilots' cards for WW2?

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    Very nice work Bob!...a neat alternative indeed

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    I'll see what I can come up with.

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    I was wondering if when you have sorted out all the people who are asking you for cards if you could do something for Major Kyte, Cpt. Ginger Hawkwood, Lt. John Perry, and Lt. Nigel Bouncer-Smythe. for my 52 Sq. (Bulldogs)
    There is no rush whatever on these Kelly.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    And not forgetting Ron Curtis and Jonty Grisham Eh Chaps

    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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    Name:  4-15-2014 3;14;44 PM.jpg
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    Here is another set I did with Rickenbacker on one side and again Captain Chum on the other. Seems this matches your plane better but I think I will do some more for me with the different cards you made. Again thanks for the effort in making the cards and inspiring me to come up with some new cards to hand out at conventions I go to.

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    Name:  Kyte.jpg
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    Came up with this for the front of a business card but not sure of the back side. Have to see what I can come up with.

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    Name:  4-15-2014 4;21;09 PM.jpg
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    Rob came up with a back so here they are together.

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    Looks great Bob. Just needs the WoG site address adding.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    New files in the moderation queue:
    Hans von Keudell (above)
    Jean Chaput
    Jean Navarre
    Eugene Gilbert

    That should take card of the rest of the early fliers. Again, if any typos etc, please let me know.

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    Has the WoG Aerodrome above your name. Took that from the site heading.

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    I have been unsuccessful in finding a photo of Harold Stackard. Does anyone have one or a link in the right direction?

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    Looks like I found one. It is in the book entitled, Sopwith Triplane Aces of World War 1.
    I found several of the pictures in this book on the net but not this one. Does anyone have this book that they might make a scan of?
    I guess I could go try the library.

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    Two more cards uploaded today...are in the moderation queue. Still trying to get a pic of Stackard to round out the Camels.

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    Well, no luck at the library for any info on Harold Stackard. Its weird that there is no photos on the net of him (other than the link above).

    Edit: Ha...just found the book for 10 bucks....never-mind.
    Last edited by Captain Chum; 05-17-2014 at 23:19.

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    Harold Stackard is now available for download.
    I had to re-upload the file due to a error in the text.....the word "Salamander" was left off at the end of the pilots bio.
    For those who have already downloaded him sorry for the inconvenience.

    The cards are re-edited several times before I upload them but if anyone spots any other errors on any of the cards, please let me know and I will correct them.

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    Wonderful work, Kelly. Your efforts are appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7eat51 View Post
    Wonderful work, Kelly. Your efforts are appreciated.
    I endorse what Eric has said 100%
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Arthur Roy Brown is in the moderation queue. Have been really busy lately but hopefully will look forward to getting back to these as fall approaches.

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    top rate work! i really like these for showing players who may not know any history behind ww1 (and its certainly more interesting then hearing me drone on about them )

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    Great work as usual Kelly.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Finished up the Bristol pilots the other day.
    Arkell/Stagg and Harvey/Waight are in the in the moderation queue.

    The hard drive on my computer crashed and had to get a new one. I was able to save everything before it took the deep six. Got a laptop this time so still getting use to it. The color on the laptop screen looks different than that of my previous OS. Will forage on and we will see what happens.
    Hopefully everything for future cards will look the same.

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    These cards are great. My girlfriend and I are using them for our two player campaign. Printed out on white paperboard you can make notes on the back to indicate victories, ace abilities and rounds they have to skip due to injuries. Plus you never get confused on which pilot is assigned to a plane by simply placing the plane cards on the pilot cards while playing a mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelis View Post
    These cards are great. My girlfriend and I are using them for our two player campaign. Printed out on white paperboard you can make notes on the back to indicate victories, ace abilities and rounds they have to skip due to injuries. Plus you never get confused on which pilot is assigned to a plane by simply placing the plane cards on the pilot cards while playing a mission.
    Great idea Benjamin on how to use the cards. Its nice to hear what folks are doing with them.

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    I am starting to work on the pilots flying the Siemens-Schuckert D.III.
    It looks like the pilots of Veltjens's and Marconnay will not be hard to do. However Helmut Lange is proving more difficult. I have found some information on him, probably enought to make up his card. Finding a photo of him is more of a problem. I have found one but the size and poor quality of the photo makes it impossible for me to single him out for a photo on his pilot card.

    If reading the caption right, the pilot I circled should be Lange. This is the photo that makes it tough to single him out.

    Another photo of Jasta 26:

    This photo has no description. Judging by the top photo, the pilot that I circled in this photo has the likeness of Lange but obviously I cannot be sure. This photo is a little easier to work with but still is not the best.
    Does someone here on the forum have the caption to this photo or know if the above is Lange?.........or even better direct me in the right direction to an even better photo of him?

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    Have yet to confirm Lange in the second picture (the one I want to use). Wish I could find that one with a description on it.

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    I am not convinced that Leutnant Helmut Lange flew a Siemens-Schuckert D.III in combat. Searching on the internet, I could not find any record of Jasta 26 using the SS D.III but I found this magazine
    On page 44 it says that Gefreiter Bruno Lange of Kest 5 was ordered to fly his SS D.III to Switzerland in November 1918.
    I also found this photograph: Name:  SS-D3-8356-17.jpg
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Size:  172.8 KB
    but this website links the 'Skull & Crossbones' machine to another pilot

    There is a replica in the Old Rhinebeck museum.

    Could Ares have made a mistake in assigning this plane to Helmut Lange?

    I am sorry but my researches did not find any more photographs of Helmut Lange in WW1.

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    David, thank you for your research.
    You just might be right about ares making a mistake. Lange has become a obscure pilot to look up. I have going on the angle of just finding his picture. I have not tried to link the plane to him.....I have yet to find anything so far. The Aerodrome list him and his opponents but not what crate he was flying. Also if Gefreiter Bruno Lange would be the correct pilot, I could not find photos of him either.
    I just may have to use the first photo that list him in the caption. I will keep trying to work with it along with trying to find another photo or verifying him in the second one. I have got the second photo to work on the pilot card and do feel pretty sure that it is him in the second photo but it would be nice to confirm it.

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    David, I found another thread from here that is on the same lines as to what you have come up with.

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    What do you guys think.....same pilot or different?

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    Found the German version of Wikipedia listing the Siemens-Schuckert D.III in Jasta 26.

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    Then there is this:
    (scroll to bottom of page)
    Not sure where to go with this card......In the spirit of the game I suppose I should just forge on. Anybody have any other suggestions with this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chum View Post

    This photo has no description.
    Ciao Kelly,

    Great artwork with these cards, bravo!!

    I found a caption for this photo:

    Angehörige der Jasta 26 in Erihin, Nordfrankreich, Mai 1918 unter Hauptmann Bruno Loerzer (Kommandeur des Jagdgeschwaders III , 44 Luftsiege, +22.8.1960).

    v.links n.rechts [left to right]: Buder, Klassen, Riemer, Zogmann, Weiß (z.b.V.), Fritz Loerzer,Bruno Loerzer, Mar.
    May 1918.

    I have a pdf copy of Windsock Data File 29 by P.M. Grosz.
    In the book Grosz states that the SSW D.III landed in Swiss belonged to Helmut Lange.
    Into the book there also are statements regarding Jasta 26 equipped with the SSW D.III. I guess this is the source Ares used for this miniature.

    If you fancy to have a look at it, just PM me an email address. The file it's about 20 MB.

    About the card, I would use the pics in your possession or, simply, I would put a blank profile on it as it seems there aren't other pics of Lt. Helmut Lange all around the Net.


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    Thank you for the intel Maurizio!

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    You are welcome!

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    Well here is what I did with Lange:

    Working on the other two SS D.III pilots.

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    Another nice one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mau Fox View Post
    Another nice one!
    Thank you!
    Lange, Marconnay and Veltjens are in the moderation queue

    Next four I have lined up to work on are:
    Arthur Coadou
    Georges Madon
    Ludwig Weber
    Hans Joachim von Hippel

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    You are doing a grand job Kelly.
    Do you think you will finish all these current aircraft cards, before I finish my WWI by day thread in November 2018?
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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