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Thread: New Painting Mascot!

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    Default New Painting Mascot!

    My Christmas present found it way to the painting zone! Here he looks over my SE5

    Every one needs a red SE5

    Here is our hero with the weekend's production

    A pair of scaled Neiuports!

    And here is a very classy one

    Now to find more hanger room . . .

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    I imagine that Snoopy will improve the Elves' morale with lots of root beer.
    Thus, Clippers output should improve by at least 20 %.

    I am jealous so I will have to ask SWMBO for a Snoopy for next Christmas.

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    Snoopy lives at your local Hallmark Store . . . so I am told, the elves are still anxious around him . . . but my Finches love him! "Wingmen" in the truest sense!

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    So when are the elves building the "doghouse" SE5 for him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archidamus View Post
    So when are the elves building the "doghouse" SE5 for him?
    I wonder Brian.
    For a man and his Elves who are used to building Zeps and Carriers on that scale, a flying Dog house SE5 should be no real challenge.

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    Heck, with the squared off, boxy fuselage, it already looks like a doghouse (or at least a bird house)

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    Thumbs up

    Love the Snoopy mascot. He will certainly inspire you to build lots more Allied aircraft to hunt down the "beastly Red Baron"!

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