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Thread: WWI Aviation Books

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    Some more books:

    Aces and Aircraft of World War 1 by Christopher Campbell publishes by Treasure Press ISBN 0907812627. It contains biographies of many of the aces, including lesser known ones.

    'Sky Battles' and 'Sky Warriors' by Alfred Price publishe by Brockhampton Press. These are available separately or as a combined edition. They contain stories of aircraft at war from all eras.

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    Thanks Doug and David. I thought this thread had died now it's superceeded by the official "Book Reviews" thread.

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    Fokker: The Creative Years by A. R. Weyl.
    Publishers Putnam in 1965.

    A superb volume written by a man who was part of the German aviation industry during and after WW1 but also one of the few to interview Reinhold Platz who was Fokker's unacknowledged designer and technical genius. The book relates that Fokker himself had no trust in maths and technical experts and mostly failed to pass-on to Platz any of the information supplied by the German air ministry. Despite this Platz managed to design the Dr1, the DVII and the DVIII. The company was only let down by Fokker's notorious parsimony and allegations of shoddy workmanship and poor materials on the Dr1 and DVIII. Fokker fled Germany at the end of WW1 under threat of criminal charges relating to the DVIII.

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    Just picked these up this morning from Amazon for under £7 the pair.
    Should help me with my research into the Malta campaign.
    I know they are not strictly WW1 but it is the only thread on books apart from the Book reviews.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good Buy. Might see what they have for the Kindle later. Factual not fiction. I've read all the WW1 Biggles books but don't fancy the in between wars or WW2, apart form Biggle Sweeps the Desert. The first Biggles book I read.

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    As this thread seems a bit defunct with the new one on "write a review", and with some people not really interested in reviewing books, I was thinking of changing this to "What Wings related book are you reading this month" rather like the one on "whats on your workbench. This might act as a catch net. What do you think Neil?

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    I already own a copy of the book Paul just recommended. Can I second his recommendation. This book is definitely worth more than £5, unlike some of the other books in the same series.

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    Just ordered mine! Many thanks for flagging this up!

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    just bought it monday thanks anyway

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    While perusing the "family" library yesterday, I came across these paperbacks:

    Sagittarius Rising
    , Cecil Lewis, 1936
    Ace Of Aces, Capt Rene Fonk, 1967
    Winged Warfare, Lt Col. William A. Bishop, edited by Stanley Ulanoff, 1967
    Ace of the Iron Cross, Ernst Udet, edited by Stanley Ulanoff, 1970
    The Zeppelin Fighters, Arch Whitehouse, 1966
    The Red Knight of Germany, Floyd Gibbons, 1927, 1959

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    Quote Originally Posted by TALLY HO View Post
    just bought it monday thanks anyway
    It is an excellent volume and great value at that price. The only drawback I found was that all aircraft are only illustrated in profile. An overhead view of each plane would have made this just about ideal as a reference work.

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    Default New WW1 Aircraft Photo Book: Wooden Eagles

    Our latest book: 'Wooden Eagles - The WW1 Combat Aircraft Of The Vintage Aviator Collection', is now available.

    This is a note to let those of you outside of New Zealand know about this latest book release covering the WW1 aircraft of The Vintage Aviator Collection in New Zealand.

    Periodically we've been asked to produce a large format 'coffee table' book of some of our WW1 aircraft photos, but unfortunately the cost of doing that, along with shipping costs (paper is heavy), and the relatively low demand for such a product has meant that it's never been cost effective before.

    But now, the proliferation of online photo book production services has made the idea a bit more realistic. We've experimented with a number of such services, and have hit upon one that we feel produces a top quality product at a reasonable price, so we're now happy to announce the release of the book (ISBN 978-0-473-38748-8):

    The book is A4 landscape in orientation (270mm wide x 210 mm high), full colour throughout, hard cover and bound, 120 pages long with 60 full page photographs and 180 other photos.

    The good news is that for those of you in the following countries listed below, we can arrange to have a single copy produced, and mailed directly to you, thereby cutting out the excess cost that comes with shipping heavy books half way around the globe:

    United Kingdom

    If you're ordering from any of these countries, the extra shipping cost is a mere NZ$10 -- approx £5.85, which is pretty good considering the cost to ship our smaller and lighter A5 sized 'On The Wings Of History' book to the UK costs in the order of NZ$25. Our apologies for those of you in North America or other countries -- we just can't get the cheap shipping options to your countries yet.

    You can see page samples, and order, here:

    Apologies if this is considered commercial, but we just want to make sure that those of you who might be interested in a copy were made aware of it.

    Historical Aviation Film Unit
    New Zealand

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    Hope you can add North America to the list at some point.
    Put me down for one ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumptonian View Post
    Hope you can add North America to the list at some point.
    Put me down for one ...


    It looks like shipping to other countries is available, just expensive at NZ$30. Its still tempting...

    The other smaller book is tempting too.

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    Oooh looks like something I will have to get my hands on!

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    Hi together,

    I always wanted to get Jack Herris - Aircraft of World War I 1914-1918

    But in germany the price for a used book is between 90 - 220 Euro.

    I looked up again yesterday and was surprised that there was a new release right now (ordered it for 25,00 Euro now but has not arrived).

    Anyone know if there are any differences or is it just a reprint?

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    According to the publishers' webpage, it is a new edition.

    They do not say what the difference is, The pictures on the front are different but the page count is the same. I already own the old edition.

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