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Thread: What geographical Area are you from?

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    I live in the small town of "Buxtehude" in the northern part of Germany about 22 km south-west of Hamburg.
    Koordinates: N53° 28.580 E009° 42.018
    Population: ~ 40.000
    Buxtehude was established in 959 A.D. so it is over 1000 years old.
    It is situated in an area called "Altes Land" (old land) where you will find all kinds of fruit plantation (mostly apple and cherry trees).

    DE-Buxtehude.JPG Buxtehude-2.jpg Buxtehude-5.jpg
    Buxtehude-4.jpg Buxtehude-3.jpg Buxtehude-1.jpg

    Buxtehude is also known for its fairy tale of the race between the hare and the hedgehog (similiar to the race between the tortoise and the hare).
    That is why you find those symbols everywhere in our town.
    Has und Igel-1.jpg Has und Igel-2.jpg Has und Igel-3.jpg

    Just 12 km away from us the Airbus A380 gets its final assembly and is delivered to the clients. They fly over our house quite often.

    A380-1.jpg A380-2.jpg A380-3.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sashdash View Post
    I live in the small town of "Buxtehude" in the northern part of Germany about 22 km south-west of Hamburg.
    Looks like a truly beautiful place.

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    I live in a village an easy commuting distance outside Norwich but I too am an exiled Yorkshireman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoe Brain View Post
    Canberra, a little further south than Toowoomba or Brisbane.

    Attachment 80803
    I did not realize Austrailia & New Zealand are that big!!

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    So does this say that South Americans and Asians have no interest in gaming?

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    The Left Coast! Sunny Southern California! Queen of the Angels! Long Beach Grand Prix! Rose Parade! And now...Santa Clarita Diet!

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    I don't believe I posted? South East Florida, U.S.A. Sun, water, beaches and diving.

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    USA, Virginia, Chesterfield.

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    Middle of the Pacific- Hawaii.

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    I love in good ole Arkansas. USA. Just a short drive across the Mississippi River to Memphis!

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    I am from Richmond, Virginia, USA.

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    I'm from Albstadt, a small town in (Baden-)Württemberg in the western south of Germany:

    The nearby castles Burg Hohenzollern...

    ...and Schloß Sigmaringen

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    What a beautifully picturesque town you live in Florian.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    Beautiful pics, Florian.
    Thanks for showing us.

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    I live in the beautiful Hudson River Valley about 90 miles North of New York City. The Valley runs from New York harbor and the Atlantic Ocean North deep into New York state. The River has a long maritime history from early Native Americans to Dutch and English 17th Century explorers, to Royal Navy expeditions during the American Revolution, to numerous ports for the whaling industry, to transport from New York to the Erie Canal for barge transport to Western New York, to today with cargo ships and cruise ships plying the waters. The Valley is a bona fide fjord. Here are a few images:

    Hudson River 5.jpg

    Hudson River 4.jpg

    About 45 minutes South of my place is the U.S. Military Academy at West Point -- a REALLY cool place to visit (first class military museum, trophy point with captured ordnance, cadet chapel with battle flags, cemetery --Custer among others buried here, Rev War Fort Putnam, etc. etc.)

    Hudson River 6.jpg

    The Valley is lined with mansions of the old blue blood and Noveau Riche of the Gilded Age such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Astors, etc. One of my favorites (I walk on the grounds several days a week) is the Ogden Mills mansion called Staatsburg:

    Hudson River 7.jpg

    And of course the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome is about 30 minutes North of my place. There's a lot more but in the interest of space, I'll end it here.

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