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Thread: Official DFW C.V Painting Thread

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    Thanks guys. It was a lot of fun painting this one, as I'd hoped it would be. Paint opacity was key, especially for the wings/elevators -- I thinned it out (sometimes too much but went with it) and added a drop or two of glaze medium for longer working time. Went slow and waited for the thin paint to come alive (a hair dryer helps speed up drying time). I did the fuselage first as it was easier, then a coat of clear spray so I could handle it while doing the rest. On the wings/elevators I ended up doing the green first everywhere then adding the violet. Many times on both fuselage and wings there would be too much of a hard edge effect separating the colors but a very thin glaze of the dark prussian blue was used to blend the hard edges and add streaks in layers, slowly building up to blend everything. It's tempting to layer on too much and start to get too much coverage, so normally a couple of coats for my mixes worked fine allowing the Buff undercoat to show through.

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    Excellent painting on that DFW.

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    love that purple and green camo scheme.

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    Indeed, patience is often the key, Chris.

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