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Thread: Desert Duel winners!

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    Default Desert Duel winners!

    I was pleased to see how many people entered the Desert Duel repaint contest. In the past the WWII side of things have been slow on entries. Not so this time! Besides the number of entries, it was a pleasure seeing the quality of all the submitted minis!! There were some really beauties in there and I'd love to see any of them flying over my game table.

    Now with out further ado, the winners:

    1st Place
    Grumman Mk III Martlet, Royal Navy 805 sqn

    2nd Place
    Kittyhawk Mk I of 112 Squadron RAF, Libya, February 1942. Pilot unknown

    3rd Place
    806 Squadron of the Fleet Air Army served in Egypt - Pilot Unknown

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    A worthy winner Niclas. Very well done!

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    These contests are getting much harder to judge, because the standard is going up all the time.
    Well done chaps, yor drinks are waiting for you in the bar.

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    Well done guys!

    Congratulation from the 4th place.

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    Well done to the winners, very nice entries

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    Thank you everybody who voted for my mini!! Hoped to, but never expected to be in the top-three.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marechallannes View Post
    Well done guys!

    Congratulation from the 4th place.
    It seems that the race between our mini's was very close. Hopefully they will fly together on the next Central European Con.

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    Congradulations all. The paint job on all were great. Thanks you for your effort.

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    Well done to all other competitors, you were all worthy of 1st place

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    Congratulations to all the entrants but especially to the three winners.

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