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Thread: Thunderbolt 1947

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    Lightbulb Thunderbolt 1947

    I found this on YouTube and had to post it. If it has been done already forgive me. A 1944 made film on Jugs flying out of Corsica!


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    Brilliant film! Kind of surreal though with the commentary in places IIRC - the Jugs are flying home independently having gotten scattered train strafing.

    Commentator: "Hmmn, those farmhouses look suspicious (gun camera) nothing in that one.....(gun camera) or that one. (gun camera, big explosion) aha!

    Small figure runs across field, commentator, " I wonder who that is?.....No freind of mine.....(more gun camera as little running figure surrounded by bullet splashes)

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    I did not know that they were dive bombers as it looked like in the bridge bombing. But a very good video.

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    It is great footage, of my favorite Allied WW2 fighter!!

    I don't if it was called dive bombing by the USAAF, since the top brass thought dive bombers were not effective! Maybe a glide bombing attack. The P-47 had a better record of surviving strafing missions. The P-51`s radiator cooled engine could not take the damage , the P-47`s radial could. Chuck Yeager walked out of France and into Spain after that one lucky hit his Mustang took.


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    Good job Richard. I've seen it before but worth seeing again.


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    I also liked the other suggested clips. How to fly a P-47 for instance!


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    Most excellent video. I'd never seen it before and loved it. Lloyd

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