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Thread: Best Aircraft and Hobby Links

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    Default Best Aircraft and Hobby Links

    This thread is an attempt at collecting and organizing the best links for aircraft sites. If you have a site or know of one that has good information, please post it here. Please post your links in an organized manor like my first post please.

    Free Sites/Services

    Profile and 3 View Sites
    • WWI Aviation Pictorial History
      • Good write ups on the nations involved, color profile drawings of many of the aircraft, newspaper clippings from the time

    • Wings Palette
      • A very good database for repainting your planes. Select the aircraft type, then model, then country and finally plane.

    • Gaetan Marie Aviation Profiles
      • This site has very high quality profile drawings for both WWI and WWII. It's a little limited on the types of planes, but it makes up for it in quality and variations of the ones it does have.

    • Clavework Graphics
      • Another very good profile drawing site. Lots of aircraft from WWII and newer.

    • History in Illustration
      • Good profile drawings and some top drawings. Some very good write ups on a few single planes, like Barker's Camel B6313

      • Data base of multi view drawings. Requires free account to download.

    • Albatros D.III's of Austro-Hungary
      • A large selection of color profiles.

    Paid Sites/Services

    Forums/Fan Sites

    • The Aerodrome
      • Very active site dedicated to all things flying during WWI.

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    Default Links

    Just wanted to share some WW1-aircraft related links. I guess most won't be new for the afficionado, but I hope they are useful for those new to the theme.

    A project to collect the history of all Fokker Dr.1 build (english)

    Virtual Aviation Museum, loads of data for aircraft of every era (english/german)

    A large site about the great war (english)

    great war forum (english)

    Frontflieger - a collection of the german pilots of WW1. Thousands of names. (german)

    Kaisers Bunker - a collection of WW1-equipment including airmen gear (english)

    Landships - no planes, but the definite site for WW1 tanks, guns and other vehicles. (english)

    Luftfahrtgeschichte - aviation history (german)

    LuftArchiv - History of the Luftwaffe (WW2) (german)

    Mark Millers 3D renderings - the most beautiful aircraft pics you'll ever find! (english)

    Pilot und Luftschiff - Zeppelins! (german)

    the aerodrome - if there is one useful site about WW1 aviation this must be the one (english) - lots of authentic olour shemes for you repeinters! (english)

    Propellerblatt - calender pages for your desktop with WW1 aircraft (german)

    And for the modellers:

    Dom's Decals - WW1 decals in 1/144. Build your own Jagdstaffl!

    Skytrex - a good choice of metal 1/144 WW1 aircraft, AA-guns and a balloon

    Reviresco - loads of 1/144 WW1 aircraft and decals

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    Default Good Site for Re-paints

    Heres another good site for Re-paint ideas!


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    Default Favorite Hobby Links

    The List:

    Wings of War related Forums/Blogs:
    Fantasy Flight (Wings of War):

    Cockpit and Dogfight:

    Yahoo Nexus Wings of War Forum:

    The Aero Fortress Bog (Spanish):

    Flights Stands and accessories:

    Hobby Shops/online stores:
    Miniature Market:

    The Last Square:

    Nobel Knights Games:

    Game Outfitter:

    Other Games Sites/Forums:
    Fantasy Flight (Tide of Iron):

    FORUMini(Axis & Allise Minis):

    Wizards of the Coast A&A Community:

    Mongoose Publishing (Victory at Sea):

    Days of Wonder-Memoir 44:

    Historical Aviation: (in German) (in French) (RFC and USAS orbats) (internet documentary, quite good) (German, British and Belgian squadron locations by date)

    Aircraft Paint Schemes:

    Wings Pallet:
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    Imperial Japanese aviation Resource Center


    Luft '46

    Don's Camo Profiles

    Axis History Forum

    Aircraft Resource Center

    Modeling the Soviet VVS

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    Default HISTORY

    Here's one about the USAS

    Here's a good site for historical data

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    Air show clips.
    Repro aircraft
    and re-builds of engines
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    I didn't know there were so many sites available. Thanks for sharing.


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    Museo Francesco Baracca - Francesco Baracca Museum
    Museo Storico di Vigna di Valle - Italian Air Force Museum


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    Armaments in Miniature -- lots of good stuff, stands, Drachens, etc.

    Outrider Hobbies -- foam and more; WoW-specific foam coming soon!

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    Very cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col. Hajj View Post
    Well done Col. Another bit of my research done for me in advance.
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    A really interesting italian web site dedicated to the WWI austrian airport of Motta di Livenza(use Google translator):

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    Manual section contains some manuals with photos and infos about the original airplanes (nice!).

    The replicas are too much big to play on the WoW mates. On a football field could be perfect!


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    Does anyone know if the Spanish Air Force Museum still has a website? Or for that matter if it is still outside Madrid, as they were talking of moving it several years back.
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    Default - yep, still at Cuatros Vientos.

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    For information on real WW1 and WW2 weapons
    I'm a Moderator there, DeaconKC, so please say hello.
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    For United States Navy aviation in WWII:

    The PDF's on these pages are the best primary-source documents for what was assigned to or planned for any given USN ship or squadron at a given time. First one tells you what was actually there, second tells you what they were planning to move the "authorized strength" to.

    Anyone have any sites with either blueprints or at least elevation-views and dimensions of German military zeppelins? For some reason, I'm getting tempted to try building an accurate one...
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    Default A couple of links

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this so apologies if its not.

    I came across this gallery of WW1 bi-planes on the military times website there is also an article on Zeppelins on there:

    And a post on TMP directed me towards these mini's (not sure if were allowed to post links to mini companies, please delete this is its not permitted) its the Red Baron on foot with Lothar and Moritz, the same company also does a downed pilot and an Albatros

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    Nice Links... I could not tell though: What scale are the Scarab minis? (...and Col. Hajj recently lifted that ban I am pretty sure...)
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    They're 28mm

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    I don't think I've seen this one posted before: Fun-Modelbau WWI Markings. Pretty nice stuff there.

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    The Bibliography makes quite interesting reading. How do you get onto the home page? I can only get the one you bookmarked. Most of the rest are unacessable to me.
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    Rob, I updated the link, give it a shot now. The site's nav is totally broken, but messing around with the links and editing the URL address directly will get you were you need to go.

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    So many resources I might get that chilling stare from my wife if I start on those tonight, Thanks for listing them.

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    Thanks Col. It works fine now. That is some find. Worth a bit of rep for yourself my leader.
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    This page....

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    Profiles and books:
    Osprey Publishing, (not superduperdeep tech data, but good summaries and great profile artwork) appears to be dead, too.
    Wings of Glory WWI Checklist | WGF Nexus Ser. 1-4 and Ares Ser. 1-2 + 5-9 COMPLETE, RDS 4/4, Specials COMPLETE
    Wings of Glory WWII Checklist | WGS Nexus Ser. 1-2 and Ares Ser. 3-6 COMPLETE, DS 4/4, SS 4/4, Specials COMPLETE

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    Hes the link for Vintage Aviator
    Great shots of a Fe2b,DVII, Neuport 11, Radial and Inline WW1 restored engines running, Machine Guns, Well worth a look.
    I love this site always find something I hadn't seen before with each visit.
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    Surprised these two didn't make it yet:

    Board Game Geek BGG

    Yahoo Wings of War/Nexus

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    For anyone who hasn't noticed

    A growing selection of WW1 1:144 model aircraft is available from:

    Not received my first order yet but looks promising


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    HardRock just sent me a link to this site. Most excellent -- thanks for posting!


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    Looks good, like the 'Tripe'!

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    Here is Something from down under
    Australian Flying Corps -

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    That is a very useful resource Adam. The whole site is packed with useful informastion.
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    Scramble!! There are some wonderfull pictures here, in particular of "early" WWI aeroplanes. Note the aerial shots of areodromes and trench networks. From the link just keep clicking on the cocarde or roundel. It is all in French, but "skim" reading can give you a good guess as to some of the content (well, sometimes, if I have understood correctly!). This site appears to be a gold mine of information and of the "atmosphere of the moment".

    I hope I have helped pointing this out, I did not see it listed here and a search gave me just two hits here on the aerodrome site. Have fun. Blauer Baron (hic)

    p.s. have just found info on the French coastal squadrons as explore further!

    Info found so far:
    French squadrons,
    French airfileds (including maps)
    French squadron markings
    Aerial photos
    Pilots with private photo features
    French Naval squadrons
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    Fantastic find Kevin. Now if only I spoke French. It looks as if there is more yet to come as some of the site is still under construction.
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    Great find will have to watch this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burt View Post
    Great find will have to watch this site.
    When I had a look a few days ago nothing was up there, so we will have to watch it very carefully.
    "Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you're scared to death."

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    I have not got the web addresss but the staff at the Australian War Memorial Research department are very helpful if they do not know the answer they will put you in touch with some one who does.

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    Default Well ordered sources and detail at WWI model maker's site by: Marek Mincbergr

    Here is a delightful source for WWI aero modellers. Marek Mincbergr from Prague, Czech Republic, has a wonderful site dedicated to his hobby. Is is well structured, with listings under aeroplane make, sometimes subdivided into notes on individual Jasta aeroplanes for example. There are also very professional pictures of museum pieces including engines. Here you even get close-ups of the bits where the supporting spars meet the wing. (To think that I was even considering trying taking pictures on my little camera of engines incase anyone was interested. These pictures are good). The "collection" weighs towards the Austro-Hungarian or German airforces. (There are also some WWII models).Top recommendation. see:

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    Great site. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Kevin.
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    HUGE collection of aerial photographs from WWII sorted by country and regions.

    Aerial Imagery from around the world
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    Default Plans galore

    Found this site.
    Seems like great stuff to me.


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    Two more very useful sources. Thanks chaps.

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