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Thread: Battle of Britain Bunker - Open to public, September 7-9th

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    Default Battle of Britain Bunker - Open to public, September 7-9th

    (Primarily of interest to WWII aficionados, but cross-posted here as the site hosted the RFC Armament School in 1917 and became RAF Uxbridge upon the amalgamation of the RFC and RNAS into the RAF in 1918)

    I was in Uxbridge earlier today and I noticed that the Battle of Britain Bunker at RAF Uxbridge will be open to the public during this year's National Heritage Open Days campaign.

    RAF Uxbridge is, alas, no longer a military base (it's not an airfield, but a depot and for many years the home of the RAF School of Music, so you'd often see and hear the band of the RAF Regiment practicing on the drill square). Fortunately though, although most of it will be redeveloped, certain parts are being kept as memorials. Another claim to fame is that T.E.Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia) was stationed there when he enlisted in the RAF after the First War. I've had a drink in his preferred local boozer on a few occasions and raised a glass to his memory...

    Oh yes... and a certain Mr Churchill delivered the familar words "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed, by so many to so few" upon leaving the bunker on 16th August 1940, then the home of Fighter Command No.11 Group.

    Anyway... as part of the Heritage Open Days campaign, the bunker is open to the public on Friday 7th to Sunday 9th September. No booking is needed - just turn up and take a wander back through time. (Usually viewing is by appointment only.)

    Information here:

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to go, as although it's only three miles down the road from here, I'll have moved by then!

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    Didnt know RAF Uxbridge was closed, stayed in the Sgts Mess there while doing my resettlement in 96.
    Good to see that there is still something of our past still going ok

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    Closed in 2010 as part of ongiong Defence estate rationalisation, a (much) smaller RAF and move away from small stations to large multi-role bases.
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    Looks like an interesting prospect. The bad news for me is that I will be in the Forest of Dean that weekend.

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    If you click through to the site, there is a virtual tour, which gives a flavour of the museum.

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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharingAttilio

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