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Thread: "New" Scenarios from Ares

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    Default "New" Scenarios from Ares

    Ares has put some scenarios on their page, specifically designed for the new minis. On first glance they look like modified versions of old scenarios, but even if they are they are throwing us a bone, which is good.

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    Yes, these have a striking resemblance to the scenarios in Famous Aces with the airplane types replaced with earlier types. I think we could have figured this one out on our own. But at least, as you say, they are giving out something new.

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    Looks entertaining. A good starting point for the "early war" crowd. As stated...nice to see Ares making an, about series 1 rerelease/repaints...and series 6????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoe Brain View Post
    A Morane N bombing?
    Imagine dropping a hand grenade instead of a 100 lb bomb.

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    Had to download them out of interest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoe Brain View Post
    A Morane N bombing?
    Hmm... I think I need to do that one with a Taube!

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    I'm in favour. Good graphic presentation, and a follow up for the new punters to convince them that there is some after sales, Very Games Workshopesque.

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    As I posted in (the thread opened by Andrea Angiolino yesterday in WWI General Discussion Section), I added the downloadable file into File - World War I - Official WoW Releases Section of our forum as WW1 Wings of Glory - Scenarios (English version).

    This is the link:

    hoping to help wingmen with issue to open or download it from Ares web site.
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    Link dont work for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attila57 View Post
    "404 Not Found".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boney10 View Post
    Link dont work for me
    I'm sorry I don't understand The link seems correct but not in that post. but you can find the file into Files or using the other thread

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    Perhaps I found the issue (a damaged link) I modified also the preview link:

    Please check it.


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    The link works for me. Thanks for uploading them!

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    Yep that link works fine for me too, thanks Attilio

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