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Thread: Another 1/200 Heavy Bomber

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    Default Another 1/200 Heavy Bomber

    Saw this on evilbay and I thought I would try one out as it was less than $9.00 to my doorstep. It is by Maisto their Tailwinds series. A B24D it scales out to 1/224 approx.
    The quality of workmanship is not high.
    With some work you can turn out a passable heavy thats an uncommon bird.
    I scales well with the smaller WOW aircraft.

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    Looks like quite a bit of work to turn out a descent mini.

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    The most time consuming was the cockpit and nose greenhouse. The rest was not much more than you would spend on a pewter 1/144 biplane. I have one of the Academy B17s but this was the choice for me. Going to be work managing the various gun positions. Altitude rules are a must.

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    So, from a cost/time perspective, would you rather modify one of these or simply start from a pewter kit?

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    Great work, Tony!

    I'm afraid a lone BF-109 E 4 is no match for this gunship.

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    Nice looking models.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oberst Hajj View Post
    So, from a cost/time perspective, would you rather modify one of these or simply start from a pewter kit?
    I haven't seen any B24s in 1/200 scale. There are probably some in 1/144 however. I have chosen to stay with the "official" 1/200 scale for my WWII planes.
    That dosn't answer your question. In terms of cost it is a inexpensive prepainted model with poor detail. Usable as it comes from the box but certainly not a beauty. You could do less than I did and make a marked improvement. One idea I toyed with was to make it a later model by using a piece of dowel in the nose area replicating the rear turret. Minimal glass to paint frames on. The clear parts are major drawback there is no way around that. I used wood dowel for the top turret and the navigation dome. The nose and cockpit clear parts I used as a "form" and added sheet styreen till it was what I wanted. A solid pewter model would be ok by me if it was a decent cast. If someone made a resin kit (like ARM) that would be the ticket.
    Timewise I have cleaned and primed 6 smaller aircraft and will have them done in about the same time. Would I do it again? Maybe if I found one locally in the toy section I would do the slow motion build and do that later model.
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    Very nice work !
    Thanks for sharing

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    That came out very nice! Well worth the effort for plane that is not otherwise available! If you live in an area that has a Dollar store chain called Five Below take a look in one. They occasionally have some of the Maisto Tailwinds series planes. I have come across some Can Do 14 scale planes in there also. They do not carry these as regular stock, just what comes i on the truck. The tailwinds are not scaled but here is a Mosquito they make in beside my 144 scale Mosquito. picked it up for $3.00 at Five Below. The Tailwinds is slightly over sized, and cast metal. Plus shots of my last two Five Below finds, a pair of Can Do Stukas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pflanzer View Post
    I haven't seen any B24s in 1/200 scale. There are probably some in 1/144 however.
    In 1/144 Academy/Minicraft produce both a D and an H/J (if you buy the 'new' B24D, it's actually a conversion for the original H/J provided in the box) and CafeReo/Algernon do a very nice H/J gashapon, though it requires some modification as the undercarriage is moulded in the down position..

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