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Thread: Two Days Four Games Part Four!

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    Lightbulb Two Days Four Games Part Four!

    Game Four an attack on a carrier! With attack of Ryūjō in mind!

    Forces IJN one light carrier one cruiser and two destroyers! CAP cover of four Zero`s

    US Four TBF Torpedo bombers and two Wildcats as escort.

    I placed the ships two thirds across the table from the US attack force with the CAP within a firing stick. The US force set up four firing sticks from ships.

    We used altitude rules and corrected an error in the use of AA fire. At the start i maneuvered the ships randomly every four turns using a six sided dice and short move of an I deck. 1 or 2, left turn, 3 or 4 straight ahead, 5 or 6 a right turn.

    At the start of the game the CAP were of two minds how to stop the TBF`s half stayed high and half were low. At the start the US planes were at a medium altitude which through off the Japanese attacks. The Zeros were forced to climb or dive to attack them. This allowed the TBF`s to close on the Carrier.

    Erin was trying out a New True North Wildcat her father was working on. She was out for revenge after the night before! While the TBF`s closed on the ships i rolled for a turn in the opposite direction for the ships. That actually helped set up the torpedo runs as the TBF`s closed. To help keep the AA down one TBF attacked and sank the outside destroyer. This opened the carrier up for attack, the TBF then strafed the carrier. The next TBF hit and was shot down over the carrier which caused a fire and 18 points of damage. The next TBF nailed the carrier and achieved the Victory. The last TBF attempted to attack the cruiser but did not do well!

    The US players were happy with outcome, but everyone had fun!

    I want to thank everyone who has posted custom cards in the files section, without them the games would not work!

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    Japanese carrier vessel sunk.

    A great victory!

    Cool scenario, Richard.

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    After the first two loses the US players were looking for revenge! I had another scenario ready to play but we ran out of time. That would have been an attack two US carriers and their escorts.



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