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    The Unfinished Drink
    The Ted D'Auvergne Story

    "The bottle of beer remains on the shelf for the soldier that would never return."

    Ted D'Auvergne was invited by the publican, George Provan, Waihao Forks Pub, to have a farewell drink, and when the train whistled George put a bottle on the shelf saying "We'll have this one, Ted, when you come home again." Ted was on final leave from Burnham Training Camp before heading oversea, January 1940. He never came back and lies buried in a Crete cemetery, his name added to the long roll of honour of those who died in the service of their country.

    I was in the area a couple of weeks ago so could not resist popping in to see the Bottle and honour one of our fallen soldiers.

    Lest we forget


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    Is it supposed to be lying down like that?

    [Joke about how it resembles quite so many of the Forum's members redacted out of respect for -- oh, damn it, damn it, damn it...]

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    Sorry forgot to adjust the photo before I posted it.

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    Let us never forget what those before have done. A salute in his name.

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    That is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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    Lest we forget: cheers, Ted.

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    Just remembered I have been at that angle that to me that is a normal angle.

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    That made me cry. I guess I am an emotional person. 40 years ago was my Last night in Viet Nam. Going home tomorrow Still 19 and lucky.

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    I'm glad you're an emotional person, Bob.
    How old were you when you went to Vietnam? Where were you stationed? For how long?

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