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    Heres some houses and a church I have built from airdry clay.
    They cover the same area as the houses on the WOW mats.

    Adds a bit of dimension to the battle field.

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    They look pretty cool, can we see them on top of the mat?

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    I post on the other thread but check out Pico Armor. They have 3mm buildings and terrain. I have some I have to paint up and post pics of.

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    Houses on Map as ordered my Leige

    Thinking of making a base for the houses with the same layout as the WOW "Town" so it could be used as a target for bombers.
    Off to build more houses
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    Yeah, pretty cool. I like the fact that you could just move the base of houses out of the way when a plane flies over them and the maps still have them printed for reference.


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