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    During WW1 a number of Large Passender Ships where commandeered by the Royal Navy among them was the Britanic and Olympic sister ships of the Titanic. The Briranic was a Hospital Ship and the Olympic a Troop Ship.
    The ships could carry 5,000+ troops so would be a great target for aircraft.
    I choose the Olympic as it just doesn't seem right to bomb hospital ships.
    The model is the 1/1200 Revell Titanic at $19.90 it makes a fairly cheap target.
    The Dazzle paint job was fun to paint.

    I have also made a card with the ships plan view on it that fits under the ship so when planes bases over lap the Ship it can be removed and the plan view remains.
    We have had two goes at sinking her and succeeded once.
    Great fun to have a different type of target.

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    Nice! I love the dazzle paint job.

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    That is what I have been hoping to do Linz, but cant find any German Warships in that scale.
    You have achieved a very nice idea for several possible scenarios there.

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    Do the German bombers drop Ice in the ships path perchance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boney10 View Post
    Do the German bombers drop Ice in the ships path perchance?
    Only if kyte is aboard and short of it for his G&T.

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    We have banned all ice in drinks when gaming with the Olympic. Too greater risk of potential damage though spillage.

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    I was always partial to _Carmania_ myself -- I have the book on its fight with _Cap Trafalgar_, which at the time was disguising itself as... _Carmania_.

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