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Thread: Combat Flight Sim 3 Mod: Over Flanders Fields

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    Default Combat Flight Sim 3 Mod: Over Flanders Fields

    Anyone played this?

    I've seen Rise of Flight but the whole buy each plane individually thing and the bugs have scared me off...

    This one looks like it has a lot of promise. Thoughts?

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    I looked into it pretty good before I bought Rise of Flight. OFF has a lot going for it, but the two things that turned me off at the time was:

    1. Based off of a very old game, so the graphics were not that great and finding CFS3 can be difficult.

    2. At the time, they wanted $40 for the OFF mod... on top of the cost of CFS3 (admittedly only ~$10).

    RoF is actually a really good game if you just want to get up in the air and shoot stuff... after learning how to fly these things of course! It lacks a lot of frills and some polish on non-plane, non-flying aspects of the game, but up in the air it is King. I've yet to buy any planes, but I don't have an issue with it... at less then $10 a plane, I'm happy to support the on going dev of the game.

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    Default Disk only

    The computer I'm using now is one version above a boat anchor. I like buying disks when they get down to around ten dollars and I don't have to deal with the internet. Maybe, just maybe my smithsonian of a computer will be able to handle program. I prefer board games because batteries are not required and they provide me with human social interaction. An occasional carbonated malted beverage helps as well.

    Have fun,

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    I have only played the previous version of OFF but it is a great game. The only complaint I have is that my computer runs it a little slower than I would like but that is my computer not the program. I was not a big fan of Combat Flight Sim 3 but this Mod really changes the gameplay to me. If you have the money and your computer meets the specs I would recomend giving it a try.

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    There is an immersion factor in PC flight sims that no boardgame can ever touch.

    While I'll always opt for face-to-face multiplayer gaming, solo simulation is untouched on the PC. The halcyon days of the Jane's Combat Simulations are gone, but they were incredible while they lasted.

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    If your PC meets the reqs, I'd certainly reccomend OFF. I've been playing it a lot before switching back to world war 2 sims and I really enjoyed it and its immersive campaign. One of the pros of OFF is that you really feel there is a war going down there, you can see the frontlines, trenches and arty barrages, supply columns and observation ballons right behind the frontlines... The terrain is so good and alive.

    It has the limitation of the AI, like most pc simulators. Not that it's bad, but it's not like flying against humans.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I knew you folks would have some good insights!

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