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Thread: Just added two new albums

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    Default Just added two new albums

    I just added two new albums to my little space. Currently there's a bunch of Minicraft P40Ns and Sweet Bf 109s in the new albums. Lloyd

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    Nice looking birds. The BF109's are very sweet indeed

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    No pun intended on the Sweet kits? Thanks for the compliment. They sure were a blast to build, the Sweet kits I mean.

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    Nice work!
    Loved your B-25's. One of these days I'm going to have to attempt them in 1/300th.
    Those Sweet kits are a joy to work with, aren't they?


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    They sure are. Sweets are my favorite type of kit. Currently working on 5 MC 200s and will post pictures when I get them finished. Lloyd

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    Nice planes, Lloyd.

    Those 1/144s look great.

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