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Thread: WWII Clipper Collection in 1/144

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    Default WWII Clipper Collection in 1/144

    Some one asked about my other past binge lives, I did 1/144 WWII until Hunter derailed me into WOG. Here's a box I pulled from the shelf, mostly allied bombers

    I also dug out one of my 12 display stands for them, you can pick them up at airfields and where I got mine for free-at a local crop duster operation, he was glad to get rid of them!

    A little hosing down and cleaning up-not too much! Mostly to degrease them to get past my wife into the house!

    Now the fun begins! You can make all kinds of formations and scenes and change them as often as you want!

    Simply slip the wing tip into the cooling slots and tweak!

    And enjoy!

    Now if I could only find a leRone engine . . .

    Next week Clipper invents the "Slot Wall" and makes it into the big time! Well maybe reinvents it . . . Clipper off the shelf

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    Clipper that is soooo cool. I see another sick person here (as I assume we all are). Thanks for sharing.

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    This is one of 12 display stands!!!!!!

    The elves must think they live at Stonehenge.


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    That is an outstanding display stand! Your creativity asounds me!

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    Looking again I was wondering if you ride with the American Pickers on the History channel?

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    There used to be a shop on aviation pickers! Thought I had gone to heaven, but it didn't last. Now I have Flying Wild Alaska . . . Clipper pickin' in his own shop

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    I have seen that show and I have to say they do have B.... for doing that. Very dangerious work. Other shows I like are Dogfights/Clash of Wings and Great Tank Battles.

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    David! David! David!
    You keep doing that!
    You keep leaving us all - mere humans - behind...
    You can't do that!
    You are awesome!!
    You are a GOD!
    You have now become a God in a Pantheon of... of... of a Pantheon of Gods!
    Rama is crying in a corner...
    Vishnu is weeping in the lap of Budha...
    Nyarlathotep is no more...

    Oh man! I loved these photos...

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    that looks great clipper

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    A truly warped mind,I love it

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    scary! What does your shrink say about this?

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    Easy, I don't have one!

    Clipper lives happily in De Nile

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    Quote Originally Posted by clipper1801 View Post
    Clipper lives happily in De Nile
    Then better beware of de crocodiles! Truly inspiring stuff Clipper: love your work!

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    Just seen this totally off the wall bit of inspired artistry David.
    Is the Guggenheim aware of your talent?


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    Thumbs up

    As the old adage goes---"One mans junk is another mans Treasure"

    Great stuff Clipper! What type of engine was it before it became a display stand.

    P.S. You need a few Zeros for those guys to shoot at.

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    Nice work Clipper


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