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Thread: A New Game - In Clouds of Glory

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    Default A New Game - In Clouds of Glory

    I just checked out the In clouds of Glory website and the game looks fantastic. It deserves to do well. If you have not done so then go have a look.
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    I looked -- it's a little too "fiddly" for my tastes. I'd rather adapt _Richthofen's War_ if I wanted to do "fighter-on-a-stick". But thanks anyway.

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    I've looked at this one over the last couple of years as well on BBG. Their 360* mounts are pretty cool, but the visual appeal suffers as all flight games that use rods for the vertical movement. The only saying "Can't see the forest for the trees" always pops into my mind. Perhaps if the rods were painted a light blue the overall appearance would look better (or maybe clear rods). I think this is the biggest hurtle for any flight game.

    As far as game play goes, it' sounds pretty complex (but might be much easier in practice). They say that the movement system is the core of the game, but the physical movement of the planes seems very cumbersome to me. Aligning and holding one and sometimes multiple templates to the plane, always in mid air, and then having another person actually move your plane, all while you do not move the templates in any of the 3 axis, seems very fiddly to me. There are also a lot of table to reference during play.

    They have done a great job on the theme of their materials and the graphics are nice.

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    Still another rendition of Lou Zocchi's models on antennas. Boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wargamer View Post
    Still another rendition of Lou Zocchi's models on antennas. Boring.
    Tell us how you really feel, Al. Succinct but true.

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    Had a look at this before. To me, it lacks intuitiveness (~simplicity) and charm (very important) of WG.
    ...also, I don't really need another, similar, game - Hard enough task to find time enough to play this one.


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