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Thread: Drinks on me today

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    Default Drinks on me today

    Ladys and gentlemen please join me at the bar as I have received an unexpected award. Herr Obrest has honored me with a donation award of $200. I have contributed BoxTop's in the of others that I felt were unable to donate due to their location. This was totally unexpected and an honor to receive it. SAnd thanks to all my friends I have made here.

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    I would have thought the reward was the other way around, but happy to help you celebrate your perceived good fortune.

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    Congratulations, and thank you for your contributions to the forum!

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    Yes the reward is giving to others which I am glad to do. Sorry you preceived I feel this is good fortune. It was something unexpected so forgive me that I donate in the name of others that may not have that opportunity to do so.

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    Dear Bob.

    This is more than deserved. I was one of the recipients of Bob's generosity. Bob donated in my name and this, for me, counts double. One for being chosen by him and for receiving a medal for it.

    Thanks, Bob, and well deserved.

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    Good on you Bob. It is a really selfless act of charity.
    Here's to you sir.

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    All as I stated there are others that don't have the opportunity or ability to donate to this cause. I have been able to donate for others and to a good cause.

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    Congrats,to the bar!

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    Thats way cool ...good show!

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    Well done Bob, with pleasure I'll join you for a drink, well done that man

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    Just a little clarification. I awarded Bob the Gold level Charity medal for all the Boxtops he has donated for everyone. The $200 medal came from his cash donations and four $30 books he donated that I will be giving out as prizes (one of them is already allotted to the Giant repaint contest running now).

    Both medals are well deserved and it was an honor to pin them on him.

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    As we used to say in the Navy..."A hearty well-done!"


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    Thumbs up

    I "dips me lid" Bob to such a worthy Forum member.
    I will be proud to join you for a celebratory drink (or Three)

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    Congrats Zoe again Bob (I'm also in your debt for your donation in my name)


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    Bob, As a grateful recipiant, let me say that it is a well-deserved medal. Congrats and have a drink on me.

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    Hey Bob, we have to thank you for this generous donation.

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    I'll pay for the second round of drinks, mates!!
    And I brought a band!!

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    Bob, your contribution to the site and friendly attitude are well known around here
    I'm the one who received a charity medal - thanks to you
    Congratulations! Well deserved prize!

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    Well earned
    And a great thanks for what all the children will be receiving because of your time and generousity.
    I've been "harvesting" the box tops from damaged product at my store (currently called "shrink" and "known loss") before discarding, and was surprised at the number I came up with. (a quick thanks to Herr Oberst for sparking the idea with his contest)
    I currently have most of a lunch bag full, which is going to the elementry school down the street.

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    Way to go, Bob! Well deserved. Proud to be on the same side! Cheers.

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    I'll gladly raise my glass in a toast to such a well deserved decoration - Cheers, Bob!


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    Congratulations Bob - sorry I missed the bash, but I raise my glass to you now

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    All thank you so much for your comments. I was humbled by the thoughts of Herr Oberst. Have got to know so many great people in here that this the way I can thank them for the long didtance friendships. So many great ideas/painters and others. Again thank you for the cooments. Much appreciated.

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    No, Bob! We thank you for your generosity. Third round of beverage on me, please!

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    Well Done Bob and well deserved. Thanks for being one of the wheels that keeps this place so much fun to visit

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    You are the guys that make this the place to be. As I said som much information given by so many informed people.

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    Thanks for supporting this site! You deserved every little atom of that medal!


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