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    Default AIR DISPLAY

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    Just returned from a reunion for the unit I was in in the Army. They made and announcement about an Air Display and as fate would have it I sat next to the guy that is a contact person. I have attached a copy of the flyer for anyone that is intrested.

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    Here is a copy of the cover of the brouchure I was given.

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    Looks like that would be something to see.
    How about all those Bombing Missions on the Liberator!

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    Looks as if you have got in on the ground floor of what is going to be a very memorable event there Bob.
    Thanks for allowing us an insight into the wonderful world of Air displays that you chaps in the States seem to have in spades.
    Only wish I could watch them myself.

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    I would love to but my vacation is all but used up.


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    Guys I will take plenty of pics. I have to see that B-24 and get a very close up pic for you Barry. They did saw a Me 262 might be there (OH PLEASE). Check out the Collins site as they have a number of dates. This one wasn't listed yet so yes Rob I did get in on the ground floor of this.


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