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Thread: Artman here.

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    Default Artman here.

    Hi there,

    Absolute beginner and rookie, just got Famous Aces, now I'm trying to get kitted out with some models. Otherwise my kids won't play with me!

    Those huge bombers look crazy too, I had no idea about those I'll admit - been a WW2 junkie up to now.

    Definitely looking at using my art talents to make my own flying mat down the track too. Once I'm sorted for a few models I'd be delighted to look at having a game if you're in the Sydney vicinity.


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    Welcome to the hobby Simon. I hope you find a good group to play the game with too. If you have art talents you will probably want to get some of the Shapeways or Reviresco models and paint them yourself. Check out the hobby pages on this site.

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    Welcome Simon, you will probably find WOW/WOG and this site addictive.

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    Will you be at CANCON 2013?

    There will be both WWI and WWII events, competitions and demos there.

    Some of us have significant collections, and we might be able to give you a few tips on where/how to get some of the old stuff. For new production, I recommend 12-7 games, sponsors of this site. They supply things months earlier, and cheaper, than MilSims sale prices, and vastly lower than the regular prices.

    If you're into painting but not modelling, try Shapeways 3D printed models. If into both, have a look at Reviresco and Skytrex. These are metal minis, not so good for playing with, but the price is right and quality good. The problem with all third party stuff is getting the manoeuvre decks and stands. Bases of the highest quality (and priced to match) are available via aerodrome accessories, and soon the pegs too. Litko make cheap'n'cheerful stands that do the job, but you get what you pay for.

    In the hands of a master modeller, the Shapeways stuff can look really good, but needs surface preparation.

    See this thread :

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    Hey Simon, welcome

    I am in Sydney too, the Hills District. Whereabouts are you? If you look at the stickied thread above this one, you will see Petho22 (Chad) has people over his place on Tuesdays to play, might be worth giving him a call.

    I am insanely busy with work and kids at the moment, but should have time for some games in a month when the workload eases. I don't get to play anywhere near as much as I would like outside the bi-weekly school club I run, and I canned that last week due to being too busy

    Oh, have a look at this If you have a look a fella named Wombat or something made a fantastic mat. Alternately, I just ordered a banner from Vistaprint, we will see how good it is when it turns up

    Cancon was great this year, and MOAB in Sylvania will have WoG participation games also, I hope to get there.


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    Welcome to the friendly skies

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    On behalf of the pilots based here in Dear old Blighty, welcome to the Drome Simon.
    With all the new models in the pipeline I'm sure that you will be able to satisfy your Kids demands.

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    If you really can't wait... there are some 2-seaters left at reasonable prices and reasonable postage at
    Just search for "Wings of war".

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    Thumbs up

    G'day Simon & welcome to the 'drome on behalf of all the Pilots who fly in NSW!
    You will find this is one great place to learn all about the Game & models.
    Do check out the Files section & the Hobby Room.
    Its a good idea to Report for Duty down in the International section where all our mates from overseas can welcome you as well.

    Enjoy your visits & dont be afraid to ask anything you need answers for.

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    Welcome aboard Simon, glad to have you here. After you get that mat made would love to see so photos of it.


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    Hi everyone,

    thanks for the warm welcome. Dave, New South Walesers - I'm in Crows Nest. Thanks for all the tips Zoe, not sure about Cancon just yet but glad of the friendly advice and help. Thomas, be sure that I'll be taking some arty photos once I'm set up.

    I'm trying to get hold of a DR I. to finish up my Famous Aces set, Willi Von Klugermann is helping me out with the rest but might be running into some strife sorting me out with a Fokker. Any ideas or help there would be gratefully appreciated. Failing that - is there a comparable Jerry plane I could throw in as a substitute?


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    Welcome to the drome,enjoy

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    Did you need the all red one, or does the red/green suit. I have a spare


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    Welcome from Italy, Simon! Welcome to the Aerodrome


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat of Vengence View Post
    Did you need the all red one, or does the red/green suit. I have a spare
    TAKE IT! If not, I'd go for the Shapeways version, but then you'd have to find manoeuvre deck, stand, paint it etc.

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    That's fantastic. PM me, let me know what you want for him plus postage (I'll give you an address to send him and PayPal if you like) and let's seal the deal. Thanks a bunch.

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    Welcome Simon, excuse the belated welcome, enjoy your time here, from Bristol UK

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    Hello from the other side of the country. Wishing you all the best for grabbing miniatures, and of course the new planes should hopefully be on our shores soon.


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