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Thread: Official Albatros D.Va painting thread.

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    Chris, nice looking plane!!!! Great job!

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    Chris, that is some great work. I really like the color blending you did on the fuselage. I’ll also need a photography lesson from you some time.

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    It's funny, but as soon as I buy a book, photos of finished WoG aircraft start appearing from said book! Nice one Chris.

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    Thanks, guys! I'm enjoying doing Seefrosta's planes -- I think yet another plane type will be on deck

    I'm super happy with the colors, less than happy with the finish, and that's after sanding lol. The camera is quite unforgiving but he looks good from playing distance, kind of like me in a dimly lit bar. 30 years ago.

    Dave, I tried 3 different methods on the fuselage and finally settled on clipping an old brush down short and stippling with very little paint on it. For photography I'm afraid the credit goes to my Google Pixel 4XL lol. It has some nice zoom options and a "focus on a spot" option that is like a target lock, and I believe "portrait" mode blurs the background, but I think most of the newer smartphones have good cameras. I slap the plane on a mat, good lighting, and use this cheap photo backdrop (idea stolen shamelessly from Tim).

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    Here are a couple new pics of Karl Meyer's Seefrosta Alb D.V, with Karl at the controls. Much has happened after my last upload

    When taking it off the stand the plane crashed out of control from the soaring height of 3" whereupon one side of the prop snapped off. An extensive grid search over land and sea (including the Spider's Web) of the vistaprint mat and surrounding confines produced nothing. I held my nose and clipped the spinner & prop off an MvR then proceeded to repaint much of the plane moving away from the flash gitz yellow. I also had to reapply several decals since some rookie had failed to protect them and some tore. The fuselage ribbon is now a homemade decal, most of the rest are digidecals.

    Then my 14 month old phone became a paperweight. I mean, beyond a factory reset... corrupted operating system that couldn't be fixed. So they got me with an LG Wing, the aviation theme was appealing but they only laughed when I asked if it could fly.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great work Chris. I really like the color blending and decals.

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    Very nice Chris. The Seefrosta lives!

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    This whole thread is awesome

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    The mottling effect is most impressive!

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    Here are a handful of Albatros D.Va that I have built, painted or re-painted. They are all machines from Jasta 5. Two are Nexus/Ares and one a Valom Kit.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20210915_143354.jpg 
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    First up is a Vfw Otto Konnecke. Aircraft is a Valom kit with the supplied decals.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20210915_143622.jpg 
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    Next is Vfw Josef Mai. Aircraft is a re-painted Ares/Nexus with decals from Miscmini.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20210915_143558.jpg 
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    Finally we have Uffz Paul Baumer. Aircraft is an original Ares/Nexus with a few highlights added such as the red edging on the rudder and tailplane, which the original was missing.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20210915_143627.jpg 
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    Paints are from Foundry. The fourth aircraft in this flight will be Von Hippel's aircraft but I am waiting on wing decals to finish him off.

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    Those are very competently painted models Gary and your Valom built kit is even more impressive.
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    Excellent re/paint job, Gary.
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    Nicely done Gary!

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