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Thread: Van den Hovel Hurricane underside?

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    Default Van den Hovel Hurricane underside?

    What is on the underside of this model? I think it has conversion possibilities, but his real plane had some numbers or letters painted underneath. Thanks!

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    Van den Hovel Hurricane underside?
    It is rather nice, one wing black, the other white. With an H on one and a 39 on the other.

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    Yep, I like this model, too.

    I'm glad that Nexus/Ares released this version.

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    Haven't seen the underside yet but thanks to Nightbomber its coming my way!

    In a comic book of Biggles (I guess the BoB but could be another one) there is also a Hurricane with a such a paint on the underside. However its a german who sneaks up closely and kills of some Brits. I would check it in my collection but my comics are still in the boxes after the move. Is that something realistic or authentic? This way a Van den Hovel Hurricane would be an easy conversion to a captured german one...

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    The black/white underside was the standard Fighter Command recognition scheme in early 1940, but didn't survive the Battle of France.

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    Thanks for the info. It sounds like a conversion would require painting the underside. No big deal, easier than painting the top and this version is readily available.

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    Not sure of the period you're interested in, but the use of 'Sky' undersurfaces was introduced from 7 June 1940 (Air Ministry Signal X915), so Night/White is not appropriate for the Battle of Britain.

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    Yes, the Black and White cheme finished appearing on aircraft soon after & June 1940. HOWEVER, what was then applied is a total guess. The official colour of Sky was vaguely defined and up until late August/early Sep 1940 fighters could have any colour of; official Sky, Sky Grey, Eua e Nil, Sky Blue, and shades mixed at unit level to try to reproduce Sky!!
    Supplies of official Sky were well established by September.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blauer Baron View Post
    Van den Hovel Hurricane underside?
    It is rather nice, one wing black, the other white. With an H on one and a 39 on the other.
    The H-39 designation seems correct for a Belgian Aeronautique Militaire Hurricane, but the source I'm using
    ( ) has BAF fighters as having Aluminium undersurfaces rather than Night/White. Additionally, Belgian-built Hurricanes (80) were apparently armed with 4 x .50cal HMGs rather than the 8 x .303cal LMGs of their imported British counterparts (20).


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