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Thread: First battle on the new WoG Pacific gaming mat

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    Default First battle on the new WoG Pacific gaming mat

    I have a new Pacific gaming mat:

    Last night we played the first battle on this map.

    It was a 2 vs. 2 dogfight with altitude rules - limited to level 0-3.

    McWorther's Wildcat F4-4 & Galer's Wildcat F4-3 versus Kaneko's Mitsubishi A6M2 Reisen and Kobayashi's Kawasaki Ki-61

    We randomly choosed sides and I took command of the US boys and my old gaming comrade Werner controlled the Japs.

    The Americans

    The Japanese

    My try to outmaneuver the two Japs failed and they concentrated their fire on my more powerfull F4-4.

    Two maneuvers later - McWorther was sent to the sea and Galer stood alone versus two undamaged enemies. Congratulation Werner...

    But his next strategy failed too and his try to lead my Wildcat with his Zero into the fire of the KI 61 had a bad ending. Galer stayed on the Zeroes six and sent the Jap to his ancestors.

    But the returning KI 61 landed a solid hit on my fighter plane and the Wildcat started to smoke.

    The following head on duel sealed Galers fate. The Wildcat started to burn and after a worse planed maneuver I was finished off by Werners cannons...

    I really like WoG WW II games. It's quick and rough - pure fun. The first bad maneuver ist often the last one and I like the firepower of the WW II planes.

    I could never imagine, that the new map bring so much "Pacific feeling" to the game. You understand if you watch the pictures...

    The damages:

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    Found out, that Lorenzo already added it to the file section...

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    Great AAR. The mat really does enhance the game. I too really like the WW2 version of the game. Great job again.


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    Great AAR, the pics and captions really add to the storyline, and that mat is exceptional.

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    That mat makes the game.

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    Nice AAR and the mat does look great!


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