View Poll Results: What was your first victory or defeat flying one of the new Ares Games bombers?

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  • Successfully bombed target and survived mission.

    7 36.84%
  • Successfully bombed target but was taken down by interceptors.

    4 21.05%
  • Failed to bomb target but survived mission.

    3 15.79%
  • Failed to bomb target and was taken down by interceptors.

    5 26.32%
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Thread: What was your first victory or defeat flying one of the new Ares Games bombers?

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    Default What was your first victory or defeat flying one of the new Ares Games bombers?

    We played Zoe's 'Sink the Schloss Wolfenstein' scenario last night and drew for planes. I ended up in the Caproni. I am going to consider it a successful mission even though we didn't get to play to a definite conclusion. The ship was damaged and on fire. I don't think it had any chance of surviving. At the very least we had a draw because I took down a balloon with the cannon. I also got a direct hit on the ship with my bombing run and scored a few hits with the cannon. My Caproni was badly hurt and suffering engine damage and I still faced three enemy planes, so I probably wouldn't have made it home but my escort would have been able to escape to satisfy victory conditions.

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    My first game saw me flying two Gotha G.V's against three scouts - a Nieuport 17 (A), a SPAD XIII and a Sopwith Camel, trying to bomb a target across the board.

    One of the Gotha's was unlucky and went down soon, but then the other Gotha bombed the target and shot all three scouts within a couple of manoeuvres.

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    I used my usual trick of flying my two upgunned " Biffs" against a pair of Gothas. One managed its bombing run whilst the other was well off the mark. They both got off the table, but only with three hit points between them.
    Used to give supporting fire to each other makes them a formidable combination even for a pair of "Biffs".

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    Suprise was the key element, no body had been up against a Goth before (and I had not flown one before) Bombed the target and got home with minimal damage and one gunner wounded. My opponents made their attacks singularly and often over shot the Gotha. Next game was not so lucky. One engine damaged and lots of hits had to do a crash landing on my side of no mans land. Rob what are up gunned Bifs?

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    In the card decks you get the following options in addition to the normal B/B firing "Biff".Rutherford and McElliots card is a B/A arrangement. But i have equipped Nigel Bouncer-Smythes Night Fighter with the guns on the card for 39 Squadron. They are AB/A. Twin fusalage Vickers and an overwing Lewis at the front, with a Linked twin Lewis at the rear.Or you could go one better and try this,

    Bristol Fighter guns.jpg
    but no card at the moment I'm afraid.

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    I flew a pair of Gothas against three scouts - the Gothas had to fly across the table to bomb targets far behind the lines (i.e. off table), and then fly back across the table to reach home. I crossed the table with minimal damage, and shot down 1 scout whilst damaging the other two. On the way back the two damaged scouts were joined by a fresh pilot, and they shot one of the Gothas down for the loss of another scout and severe damage on the other two - as Wingco says, two Gothas with mutually supportive fire are tough nuts to crack!

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    Flew a Gotha and destroyed the ammo dump, gunner killed but the plane survived with no serious damage. Agree with Brian, these Gotha's are hard to beat.

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    Two Caproni Ca.3s and two SPAD S.XIIIs against 2 Alb D.Va's, a single Alb III, and a Rumpler. Ugly for le Franšais.

    Both Giants OOC (the first quickly; the second was a long slow painful death by inches), and a SPAD in flames at the cost of a single D.Va. The two surviving Albatri were shot about, but were able to RTB.

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    Hadn't play yet... As far as I know we have only smaller ones in my group.

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    I have played quite a few WGS bomber missions, always with at least two and usually three bombers flying in formation. I have yet to see an entire formation get off the table intact, but the target is usually well and truly plastered. The big problem is when an inexperienced bombardier misjudges the bomb run and has to come around for another go.

    Whilst the formation is intact the fighters have a hard time, but the flak boys have a field day. It is harrowing knowing the guns have your range but there is nothing you can do except grit your teeth and press on. I cannot even begin to imagine how the WW2 aircrews managed to do it day after day, week after week.

    To borrow from Guilio Douhet "The bomber mostly gets through, its just the getting back that's a b*tch!"

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    Crashed and burned well exploded if truth be known

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    havent bombed a target yet. only used bombers in "dogfight" scenarios.


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