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Thread: Wanting to sell a Balloon Busters (de Guilbert).

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    Default Wanting to sell a Balloon Busters (de Guilbert).


    I am wanting to sell a Balloon Busters set (de Guilbert). It has been opened but is essentially in mint condition.

    1) How much is reasonable to ask for it?

    2) Would it be better to offer it here or on ebay?

    For that matter my entire WW1 collection may be for sale soon. What would be the best way to recover as much of my investment as possible? Going to get into a different game system. Thanks in advance for any advice...

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    I paid about $80 for mine new if that is any help. I think you should get at least that.

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    That is more than I expected. $80 sounds good. I have both game mats and about 30 planes to unload also.

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    Please start a thread in the Sell/Trade section listing what you have and what you want for it. See the thread in there on the rules as well please.


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