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    After what's seemed like years (it's been more like 9 months or so), Hunter and I are firing up our father vs. son campaign we started last year. Between my new job and his school work, we've been pretty much grounded and haven't flown a mission in a very long time. Doesn't help that our gaming area (our sunroom) became a temporary storage area as we cleaned out the attic and spare room. But Hunter's interested in WOW sparked back up after a visit to the nearby cemetery when we set out on a mission to locate the grave of my wife's great uncle, who was a WWI veteran. As we searched the cemetery we came across countless war vets (almost all were WWII) with flags marking their graves, and Hunter soon after said he felt the desire to start playing again. This was great news for me as I've watched him spend more and more time behind his laptop with his PC games. So the deadly duo are back in the air and hopefully we'll have some great post mission reports to share in the upcoming weeks.
    Oh, and for the record, we DID finally locate the grave of the great uncle with the help of a cemetery worker, although it had no grave marker. I took the time to get a flag from the group that was placing the flags on veteran graves, and placed a flag on the unmarked grave. He should be remembered, especially with Memorial day coming up.


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    Well said, Scott. I am pleased to meet you (I have, apparently only joined during your hiatus from the game).

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    A pleasure to meet you you, David! In the future I hope to avoid those long stretches away from the game and the Drome.

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    Thumbs up

    Great to have you back on the Duty Roster Scott.
    Dont spend so much time over in Blighty in future!

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    Yes, welcome back old friend. I'm glad to hear that you and Hunter had a successful mission locating the grave. Sorry we are going to miss you at Origins this year. I really hope the push the dates back so more people can make it next year!

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    Welcome back matey, good to see you again

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    Welcome back Scott, glad to hear from you again. Say hi to Hunter too. Looking forward to those great AAR's you guys put together.

    Well said for Memorial Day.


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    Good to have you both back, and glad that your search found your Great Uncle's grave.
    I agree that we should honour for as long as we can.

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    It was a good thing the caretaker was there. I like hearing about dad and son also.

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    those computers will get ya...

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    Welcome back to the fray Scott & Hunter - thought you chaps had got lost on R&R in Paris or something !!

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    Welcome back! You were, both, sorely missed.


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