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    Found this article thought others might be interested.

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    Thank you so much Linz for that facinating story as apart from the Camel/Snipe comparison it give some wonderful info on the AFC Fighter Squadrons.

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    Cheer Barry came across it by accident when I was searching for climb rate info.

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    Thanks Linz.
    This is a most enlightening paper. It knocks a few urban myths on the head, and raises a few more questions. All in all a lot of food for thaught.

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    Now that was a very interesting read Linz, cheers matey for finding

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    Excelent find; I wonder how the Dolphin stacks up in pilot AARs?

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    Great reading. Thanks, Lindsay.

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    Thank you for drawing attention to this article. It was very interesting.

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    Fine article! A small note on the discussion on the D.VIIf in the article is that the BMW engine actually gave an impressive 235 HP performance with the throttle in "overgas" and thus was able to match even the S.XIII in speed at altitude.

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    I loved this article! It explained the subject in layman's terms, didn't need to be an aeronautical engineer to understand what it was describing.
    I'd read many times before on the Fokker D.VII's ability to "hang on it's nose". Now I know why.
    I added this article to my reference souces. Anymore like this.
    Thanks a bunch.


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