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Thread: My Polish Bird

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    Red face My Polish Bird

    Late arriving, no decals, naked woman.

    The plane only arrived - I bought it on Ebay - four days before the end of the tournament.

    Decals, no sign of them. I gave several layers of white until I reach the dirty white I wanted.

    I had little time so I went for doing it all with the brush.

    I wanted something in between these two:

    So I finally ended up with this:

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    You joined the contest?

    Hand painted virging with a bow on the fuselage? ...did someone act as a model for this nice painting?

    Impressive, most impresive, Joaquim...

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    What a lovely pair of decals. Joaquim I knew it was you all the time.

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    I recognised your masterpiece instantly, Quim. It got my vote not only for obvious national reasons, but most of all for the Diana. Quim at his best

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    Hand painted, well done.

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    Thats an impressive bit of hand painting! Great job!

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    Thanks, gentlemen! Of course you knew it was I, Rob and Andrzej, you already know me and it has my fingertips all over it.

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    I loved this bird. That is one heck of an amazing job. I can only imagine what you would have created if you had more time.

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    Done yourself proud there Joaquim - Wonderful paint job!


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    Thanks again, my friends. For the compliments and for the rep.

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    Three green bars below your flag are very well deserved, Hauptmann von Lisbon. I feel invited to the bar. Time for porto, mates...

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