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Which aircraft are capable of dropping bombs?

by BwanaJoe on 04-13-2018 at 04:18
Quote Originally Posted by flash View Post
Research is the short answer Mick - there's no official listing but most two seaters were capable, though likely not all did depending on their squadron role.
Some single seaters were rigged for close support, the Camel in particular was used in that role.
Here is a list that I roughed out a while back for an unofficial bomb load / points that might give you a start point.

Machine ------------- Payload Kg / lb --------------------- Damage: full load / half load

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General Overview of WWI Miniatures - Timeline and Theaters 2016

by BwanaJoe on 02-22-2018 at 21:03
Quote Originally Posted by OldGuy59 View Post
My first kick at the can [up to 10th edit (Post #36), edits, confirmations, references], trying to emulate Dan-Sam's WWII line-up of minis to conflicts. Was this an eye-opener! I actually have a few interesting options for what was supposed to be a Western Front collection. This is including the proposed Series 9 release, and some substitution suggestions for existing models. I'm not knowledgeable enough to sort out which planes flew where, but I know there are lots of people out there that

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My Gimbal Installation Method

by BwanaJoe on 02-16-2018 at 08:46
Quote Originally Posted by BryanR View Post
I received my gimbals in the mail from Aerodrome Accessories. Now I just needed to figure out a good way to install them.

I was planing on gluing the ball part into the plane, and mounting the ring part on a stand like Col. Hajj suggests. I even ordered a bunch of extra ball bearings so I could switch out all my minis, and future minis with the ringed pegs. But I couldn't bring my self to drill into my minis, so I opted for the following

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Strategy Advice

by BwanaJoe on 02-16-2018 at 08:41
Quote Originally Posted by RJames View Post

Wings of Glory ● Campaign Rules and Awards
Crash survival:
• Roll 2d6:
6 or less: KIA
7: survives landing but dies of wounds (DOW)
8: severely injured; must skip 2d6 missions; may fly again thereafter
9: injured; must skip 1d6 missions; may fly again thereafter
10: bruised; must skip 1 mission; may fly again thereafter
11+: unharmed; may fly again immediately

• Modifiers

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Surprise in Games

by BwanaJoe on 02-10-2018 at 03:30
Quote Originally Posted by surfimp View Post
I am pleased to find this thread, as I too have been pondering ways to introduce the element of surprise in WoG, to try to emulate the effect of being bounced by a previously-unseen enemy.

My take works as follows, using only the contents of the WGF RAP box:

- Game is to be played on a 140cm x 100cm play surface (i.e. two WoG mats butted together on their long edges)
- Divide players into Attackers and Defenders.
- Defender deploys fully within 1 ruler of the

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