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    Yesterday, 06:11
    Simply a pretty plane, indeed. And I think this paint scheme is one of my all-time favorites:sAprvd: All the best, Matt
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    Yesterday, 03:32
    That looks lovely, Dave! I recently bought some of RAF's Parseval-Siggsfeld balloon lines/baskets (3 sets) for other P-S balloon models I already...
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    02-14-2019, 03:49
    matt56 replied to a thread Vorstellungsthread in German Wing
    Gruss aus SW Ohio (USA) bei der Forumsankunft, Florian! Hier findest du fabelhafte Leute und zahlreiche Information:sAprvd: Viel Spass! Alles...
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-13-2019, 16:13
    Wunderbar:sAprvd: Have a lovely time, Steve! I, too, look forward to some pics from the museum. All the best, Matt
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-13-2019, 08:41
    I have access to the show on Hulu, guys:) Thanks of thinking of me, though! All the best, Matt
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    02-12-2019, 17:48
    matt56 replied to a thread February Workbench in Hobby Room
    Robert, these are lovely looking models - prime targets for WWI 'sea attack' scenarios!:sAprvd: I shall have to consider getting some of these little...
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-11-2019, 18:09
    How about Thaipods and Tripeppers?! We know the Martians are going to turn us into sushi anyway, right?!:sAprvd::eek:;) All the best, Matt
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-11-2019, 13:45
    matt56 replied to a thread February Workbench in Hobby Room
    Beautiful work, Rob! More Malta is a good thing:sAprvd: Quite the inspiration for the rest of us...:) All the best, Matt
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-10-2019, 18:58
    Glad to see you have a regular slot planned, Zoe! Hope it turns out to be a wonderful time flying:sAprvd: All the best, Matt
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-10-2019, 14:37
    Not only does the G&T help keep you warm at altitude, but it sharpens your vision, right, WingCo?!? ;) All the best, Matt
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-10-2019, 04:54
    I would bet that the 'solid black stand' is a cost/production issue - cheaper and easier to slap a decal/transfer/sticker on than a clear base would...
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-10-2019, 03:40
    matt56 replied to a thread DAS BOOT in UK Wing
    After doing some looking yesterday, I think it may be coming to Hulu here in the States...not sure the timeline, though. All the best, Matt
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    02-10-2019, 03:06
    matt56 replied to a thread Medal pin question in Officer's Club
    Glad Dave was able to find the tribute to post, Gary. I was having no luck tracking him down myself. As you say, quite the storied life he led - it...
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    02-10-2019, 02:57
    matt56 added 2 photo(s) to album Counters boxes
  • matt56's Avatar
    02-09-2019, 19:06
    Great old comic there, Robert! There is a Jonny Quest episode from the Sixties called 'Shadow of the Condor' that I would love to recreate sometime,...
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-09-2019, 16:42
    Three quick pics from our gaming today. The first two show two griffons from my embyonic Jasta Greif, still needing final painting but mounted on...
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-09-2019, 03:10
    matt56 replied to a thread Cool color scheme! in Officer's Club
    Perhaps instead of a 'Tiger Meet' paint scheme as NATO used to have (do they still run that competition?), there could be a 'Moth Meet' - there are...
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  • matt56's Avatar
    02-09-2019, 03:03
    matt56 replied to a thread DAS BOOT in UK Wing
    Just checked it out on Wikipedia, Chris - was unaware that such a beastie existed! As a fan of the book and the original movie, I'm excited to hear...
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