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    Hey, great to meet you and Crystal at the Guns of August yesterday! Hope you both had a great time and a safe journey home again. Congrats on shooting down one of the infamous "She Devils", not easily done!

    Best regards
    Stuart & Janet Jarman
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    Glad to be of service, any action reports or reviews? I have a few more Japanese carriers ready to use . . . thanks! Dave
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    Hey CT, thanks for the friendship. Don't see myself getting to Ohio these days, don't travel to well anymore, but if I should will look you up. Take care,
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    Hey Tom, Do you need help in designing the Volunteer pins/buttons?
    Love your bro
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    What's on the agenda for tomorrow?
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    Hello Thomas. If Google Maps is correct I am 143 mi away, which would be a 2 hours 21 mins drive one way. I will be attending Ancon though only that Friday due to working that weekend. I am planning on attending Origins this year though I am not sure if I want to drive the 2 hrs commute or get a room.
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    Thanks Thomas for the Reputation points. Highly appreciated !
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    Hey Thomas,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. The game is currently with Andy Lewis at GMT. I am not sure if they will pick it up or not but it has been a wonderful experience for me. The game is most certainly unique as you play three factions simultaneously and it has five different end game conditions.

    For what it is worth - I really appreciate your posts on this site. They are always enthusiastic and insightful.

    Take care,
    Michael Becker
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    Thanks Tom! I see you already had a chance to use some of the new minis, are they as fun as I think they will be?
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    i just placed the order of Watch Your Back and Dawn of War on Tuesday, but Dawn of War is currently out of stock......
    Watch Your Back should be here today, i just need to go pick it up at my friend's place. i'm debating if i should get some minis as well, they look awesome, i'm sure they will definitely enhance the gaming experience as well. but i guess for now i will simply test out the game first.
    too bad i don't seem to see anyone from Boston area in this forum, i really want to learn more about it and hopefully my friends will like this as well
  11. That it is Tom, sorry I havent replied anytime recently I have been trying to get everything set straight with college.

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    You know... I don't have one... at least not here. I use my old pirate reenacting website to host my pics, and I always post stuff on facebook, but I don't have any albums set up here.
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    Yes the model is from Helmet 200 aircraft I have to of them for DoD for the invasion of Malaya campaigin
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    I have not....I will look it up though. Thanks! I have read alot online. I was surprised that the airfield on Ford Island was named for him. (when run by the Army air Corps). Although there are still signs there saying "Luke Field"
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    Hi Tom, thanks for the welcome! I'm afraid I only get down to Toledo about once a year (when the wife wants to visit the Art Museum). I have played in a gaming group with members as far south as Monroe before, so I wouldn't consider Toledo out of the question. How often does your group meet? I have a couple people up here who play, and maybe we could arrange something.
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    Thank you and I'm glad it's helping. I'm going to be posted a bunch of things here in a short period of time so be on the lookout. I've just about got a Sourcebook Appendix done and ready for posting about Damage Deck Probability.