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    Hey, great to meet you and Crystal at the Guns of August yesterday! Hope you both had a great time and a safe journey home again. Congrats on shooting down one of the infamous "She Devils", not easily done!

    Best regards
    Stuart & Janet Jarman
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    Glad to be of service, any action reports or reviews? I have a few more Japanese carriers ready to use . . . thanks! Dave
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    Hey CT, thanks for the friendship. Don't see myself getting to Ohio these days, don't travel to well anymore, but if I should will look you up. Take care,
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    Hey Tom, Do you need help in designing the Volunteer pins/buttons?
    Love your bro
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    What's on the agenda for tomorrow?
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    Hello Thomas. If Google Maps is correct I am 143 mi away, which would be a 2 hours 21 mins drive one way. I will be attending Ancon though only that Friday due to working that weekend. I am planning on attending Origins this year though I am not sure if I want to drive the 2 hrs commute or get a room.
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    Thanks Thomas for the Reputation points. Highly appreciated !
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    Hey Thomas,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement. The game is currently with Andy Lewis at GMT. I am not sure if they will pick it up or not but it has been a wonderful experience for me. The game is most certainly unique as you play three factions simultaneously and it has five different end game conditions.

    For what it is worth - I really appreciate your posts on this site. They are always enthusiastic and insightful.

    Take care,
    Michael Becker
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    Thanks Tom! I see you already had a chance to use some of the new minis, are they as fun as I think they will be?
  10. i just placed the order of Watch Your Back and Dawn of War on Tuesday, but Dawn of War is currently out of stock......
    Watch Your Back should be here today, i just need to go pick it up at my friend's place. i'm debating if i should get some minis as well, they look awesome, i'm sure they will definitely enhance the gaming experience as well. but i guess for now i will simply test out the game first.
    too bad i don't seem to see anyone from Boston area in this forum, i really want to learn more about it and hopefully my friends will like this as well
  11. That it is Tom, sorry I havent replied anytime recently I have been trying to get everything set straight with college.

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    You know... I don't have one... at least not here. I use my old pirate reenacting website to host my pics, and I always post stuff on facebook, but I don't have any albums set up here.
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    Yes the model is from Helmet 200 aircraft I have to of them for DoD for the invasion of Malaya campaigin
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    I have not....I will look it up though. Thanks! I have read alot online. I was surprised that the airfield on Ford Island was named for him. (when run by the Army air Corps). Although there are still signs there saying "Luke Field"
  15. Hi Tom, thanks for the welcome! I'm afraid I only get down to Toledo about once a year (when the wife wants to visit the Art Museum). I have played in a gaming group with members as far south as Monroe before, so I wouldn't consider Toledo out of the question. How often does your group meet? I have a couple people up here who play, and maybe we could arrange something.
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    Thank you and I'm glad it's helping. I'm going to be posted a bunch of things here in a short period of time so be on the lookout. I've just about got a Sourcebook Appendix done and ready for posting about Damage Deck Probability.
  17. Hey its Tim. About sat., you mean this sat. The 26th of Feb. ? If so let me know the times and the address were you want to meet,play ect. Thanks.
  18. I no but I thought I would not like it but it's fun I will hopefully see you soon thanks
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    Can you send me a little more detailed info re: Origins in Columbus? even a link? I'm trying to work something out to attend/help...might even bring the Lt. Col. SWMBO!...need to get my leave requets in by 2/1/11...thanks...Jim
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    Hi Tom,

    Thats a nice thought that I may be able to come along to an event in America... However I do not have the time or the money...

    Cheers Lucky.
  21. Hey cappy it's Tim the Toledo thing,is it a turrney or playing for fun let me know I need to get a tire for my car before I can try to make the trip.let me know ASAP. Thanks
  22. Hey cappy its Baronvontigger (Tim) ,Thank you guys so much for a great day of flying. Me and my GF had a lot of fun. I look farward to flying with you guys again soon.

    Beware the HUN in the SUN.
  23. hey i wasnt able to make the airstrip it looked horrible, txt me
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    I already checked the map to get an Idea where Ken is holding his game. I haven't decided but am leaning towards it. I will probably have to do some "power naps" because I work 3rd shift.
  25. Thank You, I had a great Christmas. I hope you did as well.
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    Well, since X-mas all ready went, how about Happy New Year.
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    Merry Christmas to you too
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    Merry Christmas to you, too!
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    Kentucky would love to defend Ohio's southern borders as an honorary member
  30. Hello, I like your site. I too am an Axis and Allies Miniatures gamer. Looking for anything special? I have trading stock and need a few vehicles. Anyway, keep flying and Tally Ho!
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    Cappy Tom,
    I play a number of board wargames...mostly easy stuff. World War 1 by Decision Games, Diplomacy, 1812, etc...."MayorJim"
  32. As to the album... I still have not figured out how to post pics here.
    I know just enough about these things to either be dangerous or spill coffee...

    As to the fabrics.... well, I could take pics of the Blue mat that I made for WAS, since that is what I have atm.
    James and I went to SAS fabrics and he got 6ft of the deep green vinyl and a wee bit over 6 ft of some velvetine material for use.

    Apparently in the interim someone got the rest of the Earthy green/brown vinyl that was there. (was only one tube and I think about 12 ft or so was left on it.)
    However there was some deep green stuff there that looked like it would work just as well. I'll have to wait till next week before I can get any of it tho...
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    Thanks for the kind comments. Yes that is the Dogfight Game Board in the background of some of the pictures. About the Sopwith Triplane it did turn out pretty good, it took a lot of effort(trial and error, mostly error). Would you believe I'd trade it for a red Sunbeam Tiger(complete with 99 in the passenger seat).
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    Pictures are finally uploaded. Please check them out!
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    Hello Cappy!
    about the lafayette plane in my album: i dont have it.i just saved it on internet 'cause i like very much the scheme of Lafayette squadron
    Of WWI model i ve only a "big" red baron one's(scale 1:42 i think).
    sorry for my late reply and thank U for your comment
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    Yes I saw it. Thanks.
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    Series 4 is in!! www.frpgames has them in stock.
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    Keith sent me an E-mail, said they were probably too big. need to be no bigger 2MB. Will try again next week.
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    got the pictures taken and put on flash drive, could not up load to the site. Said I needed a security token. I sent Keith a message, so we will see. Sorry about that Chief.
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    Thanks Tom, We have enjoyed living out here since 1999. To be honest cant wait to move back to the mainland. We move to Portsmouth NH next August. We do love to play out here.
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    Pictures should be on my profile page this Friday. We are going to meet at 2:00PST on Friday to take and put the pictures on site. Hope you are not disapointed. The Sopwith Triplane should be finished, the Sopwith Dolphin and Fokker D-VI will not be, those two will be put on later.
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    Thought I'd pop in and say hello. Looking forward to series 4, hopefully it gets here next month. Which ones are you going to get? No word on the pictures, looks like it's not going to happen. Got the Sopwith Tripane and Fokker D-VI torn down ready to primer(finally). Having trouble with the Sopwith Dolphin, the fuselage is twisted. If the front is lined up correctly, the aft part of the fuselage is crooked, leans like the tower of Pisa. If the aft is straight up and down then the front is crooked. This is true on all three fuselages I have. Guess I will have to call John. Have a good one. Cheers, greg
  43. Are you in Tucson Az at the moment? If so, pm me back. I play WW2.
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    Doing OK. Waiting for series 4, looks like it's due in September(according to FRP). I was also pleased with the series six planes that were announced, yea Sopwith Triplane. Hey, do you know when the revised Deluxe Edition is due out? I would like to pick up a copy.
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    Yes I can e-mail you a copy of the rules for Dogfight. Give me a few days to figure out the best way to copy them.
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    Yes I can e-mail you a copy of the Dogfight rules. Give me a few days to figure out the bes way to copy them.
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    Have not heard back from pflanzer yet concerning the pictures. But I did find out that if you google" American Heritage Dogfight game" you can find some pictures of it on the web. gregbond77
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    Sounds like you had a good weekend. Mini's at five bucks a pop, awsome! I have made contact with another member here on site, does not live too far away, he is going to help me post the pic's you requested. So I guess your weekend just got better! gregbond
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    I posted a message with pflanzer who lives in Washington State(as do I) and builds some really nice kits plus he can post pic's.
    So I will wait for a reply. gregbond77
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    Thank you. Did you look at shots of some of my other 5mm collection?
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    That was in the box i grabbed to demonstrate using 1:285 scale
    as ground targets. I almost put the buffalo out!
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    Some where in the internet my friend,
    I don’t remember.

    My regards
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    The local clubs annual gaming convention. This was it`s second year. We get people from the surrounding states N.C., MD. we had a dealer up from Alabama. The weather hurt this year. The ODMS sent me a message today saying they were going to have a August con. Details to follow.
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    Sorry i have not replied sooner. The planes are 144 scale correct. The bases are Litko Base systems. With the elevation riser system. I just posted photos taken last weekend at this years show.
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    Love the B-25's! What deck do you use to fly them? Quite a collection of WWI planes you have there.
  56. Hey nice Albums,...
    Memoir is great isn't it?!
    I like Eastern Front, and of Course the Air Pack and you?
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    Thanks, We have not used them alot yet. Mostly just escort mission where the bombers need to make it across the map while the ecorts and gunners fend off attackers. Pretty fun without getting too complicated.
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    Happy New Year Fellow Buckeye flyer.
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    Certainly. The group I game with usually meet on Tuesdays.. but Saturday's are also good for gaming.
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    My dads plane is about 25 min. away from where I live. I'm sure my dad would be glad to show off his plane anytime.
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    Some nice pictures there!
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    Something like that. Duxford is near Cambridge. There is an excellent little hotel not far from it called Duxford Lodge, apparently where Winston Churchill, Bing Crosby and Douglas Bader stayed. The atmosphere in the small bar is fantastic. It is a tiny bar that seats maybe ten people, but even with just two of you in there the atmosphere is wonderful. You can just imagine it back in wartime England.
  63. Nice album! Especially the FlyGirl - I see above the ANKLE!
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    I Love Your "Incoming" photo!!!

    Great Pic!
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