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    Thank You! I've not gotten any rep before now. I was in 1970. Diego marine, Went to Memphis for Avionics School. Then to Cherry Point, then on to New River, Cadet A to HMH-464, the H&M s-26, went on a Med cruise July 28 '72' came back in April 73. While in H&MS-26 flew aircrew on 53's, and had my door gunner skins. Stayed there til Discharge of Active duty, to Active Reservist for 6 years. OV-10 Squadron 6 at El Toro. til disbanded in 86. Then 46 Squadron til 80. Separated in 1980 as a Staff Sargent.
    Would have stayed active for 20 yrs but wife didn't want. My father was in from Dec. 8th til 47, Both of my brother in-laws stayed in for 20 yrs. One got out as a Gunny, The other one was a First Sargent. He was in Nam 3 times. as a radioman humped a prick 23 or 28. Love the out fit from civil war. I got to get a picture of my chainmail. That,s all thanks again.
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    with all due respect, may I ask from when to when? The avatar use on you posting is that you and I cant tell whats in the center of the strips bursting bomb, diamond?
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    Thanks my email is That's what I thought about the visual impact. I am currently working on some Renault ft 17. Bombing targets for my AEG G4. I look forward to the picture.
    Thank Tony
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    I am going to attempt to scratch build a balloon winch truck. I have a couple of AA trucks coming from the US dist. for skytrex and might use one of them or something else. Could you take a close up pic of your winch truck mainly the winch itself. It would be a big help. Do you find that they add to the flavor of a game? Or do they just get in the way?
    Thanks Tony
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    Glad you like them!
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    Can you send me your email

    My email is

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    Very nice model zeppelin. The link is also some good pictures. If I'm down that way I send you a message, maybe we can get a game in.

  8. It's a picture of me, taken as am ambrotype image with an original camera from the 1860's period. Click on this link: and you'll see many other pictures from my other hobby (and a few from my Marine Corps days).
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    Who's the chap in your profile image?
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Brian Hicks
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United States
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World War I
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USMC Retired. Living History interpreter for 1850-1870 time periods at historic sites and events.
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Welcome to the Wings of War- Tennessee Squadron Commander's profile. We have flights in Nashville, Knoxville and the Tri-Cities area of extreme N. E. Tennessee. If you are in Tennessee, or passing through the state and would like to link up with other Wings of War gamers, send me a message and we'll work to connect you with other gamers in the area.


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