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Miserable Sods Always Win ... Until they meet someone whose better than they are!


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Derbyshire Wings of Glory Scene. 06-11-2016 03:46
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Deleted - why do I bother?

by Tonx on 06-02-2016 at 17:41
Deleted - why do I bother?

Updated 06-11-2016 at 04:29 by Tonx (Post deleted.)


Dunkin Does Dundee ... a k a A Tale Of Two Accents!

by Tonx on 05-26-2016 at 17:42
As the investigation continues as to how two Avro Vulcans [I]ended up within 1000 yards of each other [/I]on [B]May 25th 2016 [/B]a transcript has been released of a bizarre conversation between the Officer In Charge and Vulcan sponsor organisation [B]Chopper Squad[/B]. It was during the course of this conversation that as [B]XL321[/B] callsign [I]Fireball 321 [/I]was recovering to base from the south [B]XM595[/B] was cleared to take off from RAF Boddington callsign[I] Thunderball 595 [/I]forcing

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Glory Blog: Entry number 39

by Tonx on 12-21-2015 at 10:25
Replacement entry for original number 39 in which I'm choosing to be honest again about my current situation. My disability for now has won and I was admitted to hospital on December 18th on a Section 28. So I may be here for some time and as for the damage this potentially could cause to my playing career - well I will just have to take that on the chin. I am on my phone as here you only get one hour internet access every day and I have burned most of that finding and buying a few diecast 1/72

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Updated 12-21-2015 at 18:23 by Tonx (Elmstead House correction.)


Glory Blog: Entry number 40

by Tonx on 12-07-2015 at 07:45
[B]Quick! Write something cheerful!!! [/B][I]Erm ... As I approach 2000 postings on the Aerodrome [/I]I have received a few messages in which Members have encouraged me to stay away from being a[B] lurker [/B]/ [I]Member who joins and then contributes little to nothing. [/I]So in recognition of all of these messages and the positivity and encouragement I have received here goes with a suitable and appropriate Blog Entry.

[B]The big news [/B]:minis: wise is that I have successfully

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Glory Blog: Entry number 38

by Tonx on 11-14-2015 at 10:41
Today is [B]Saturday November 14th [/B]and I have just been playing [I]Solitaire[/I] for three hours. Today's session was a pretty much long-awaited [I]Bombers Outing [/I]which featured the first deployment of [B]Avro Vulcan B.2[/B] [I]XH560[/I] in over a month as well as a pair of [B]Avro Lancaster B . IIIs [/B]being attacked by Axis Fighters. The Mission for [B]Thunderball 560 [/B]was an outright success as it conventionally bombed a target which was previously known to aircraft and crew whist

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