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    Queres pertencer ao Grupo de Portugal?

    Carlos Lopes
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    hi one question about your ship design how can i get damage ?wat the differece betwin red /blue dot ?? if they have 20 dmg how i can calculate the damage made ?1 bomb or torpedo how much damage do??
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    Hi I was wondering if you could break down the ship images for those of us who do not have photoshop. Also, what are the rules on fighting ships?
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    Hello, where did you get your Dauntless Model? It appears to be 1/200, is that correct? I have been told for months AIR200 will have one soonm but have not seen it yet.

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Finnish Planes : Contains a Buffalo, Me109G and 2 Fokker DXXI 03-27-2010 150
WW2 customization files : The following archive contains 4 png archives that may be useful for custom cards: ˇ A clean Info ... 09-15-2009 420
Mosquito - Fighter configuration (UPDATED) : A custom mosquito in its Mk2 version. As it's a later war plane i wouldn't recommend to go 1 on 1 ... 09-15-2009 247
Focke Wulfe 190 A-1 : Just to add some variety to the Germans. Despite it's stats look so much like the Messers. Damage ... 09-29-2009 200
Blohm & Voss 141 v 2.0 : The most assimetrical aircraft ever made (and one of the most beautiful). Tactical Recon aircraft ... 10-02-2009 120
IJN Yamato : IJN Yamato battleship for your pacific campaigns. 11-18-2009 240
USS Washington : 11-19-2009 230
USS Lexington : 11-19-2009 250
USS Essex : 11-19-2009 272
Buffallo : The plane i'll be piloting in the PBEM campaign. Not very sturdy so beware (XD) 11-29-2009 225
Shinden : The japanese Shinden. A prototype aircraft that never got to be tested in combat. For you "what if?" ... 11-29-2009 134
Pacific Aviation Tokens : I made this for my Victory at Sea games, but I though someone may find it useful for WoW campaigns. ... 12-04-2009 241
HMS Victorious (USS Robin) : Illustrious class carrier. Made in collaboration with Firebrand, from the spanish WoW community. 01-11-2010 261
Nakajima B5N "Kate" : Rar file contains 1 B5N1 and 3 B5N2 torpedo bombers. 01-30-2010 239
Nakajima Ki-27 Nate : Sino-Japanese war era plane Ki-27. 01-30-2010 147
TBF Avenger : A rar file with 4 avengers. 2 american (pacific and north atlantic) 1 newzealander 1 british ... 02-02-2010 396
USS Fletcher : Fletcher class destroyer. 02-05-2010 297
Kagero class destroyer : Kagero class destroyer 02-05-2010 342