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    Nice models Rob, very inspiring work
  2. I guess I must have deleted on accident the files to most of my model pics. Next week 8.26.13 I'll see if I can reload them all again. It looks like the thumbnails still work for now though.
  3. I just had a couple pics uploaded the other night, I have all 85 up now.

    Next up: The Allies
  4. The Axis wow aircraft look very impressive, even though I only do WW1. I can see the attraction of WW2 machines.
  5. Carlos Lopes, Dorb & R_W, thank you very much for the kind words and best wishes to you all for happiness with you and your families. I must apologize for being away from the boards for a while, very busy over the holidays now with family and work.

    Work has been extremely busy, and the poor economy has made the company I work for tighten it's belt. It makes for long hours and an extremely busy schedule!

    I hope to find some time soon to get back to the boards here!
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    Hi Rob, Sorry its a bit late, but have been on vacation so Happy Xmas and New Year to you and your family.
    Trevor Dow
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    Happy New Year fellow Buckeye Flyer.
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    Where do you buy your warbirds?
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    Dear Kaufschtick,

    We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Portugal Group
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    You excuse, I have forgotten the house rule n.7
    7) if an airplane is set on fire during the turns where the player discards the symbol fire, he besides playes a paper damage performs an only manoeuvre
    Slip turn left or right (the slip turn was the manoeuvre used in the attempt of to suffocate a fire) if the paper damage prvoked from the fire contains an any damage the aereoplano loses a quota, if at the end of the three turns the aereoplano is to quota 0 it must make the manoeuvre landing and to hope to remain in the field of game otherwise the pilot is wounded
    If the paper damage is = 0 it maintains the quota. During these 3 turns it cannot shoot and nobody can shoot to it
    Thanks for the attention
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    good morning,
    I try to explain to you, using mine bad English, the houses rules that we use in our club
    1) if an aerplane turns to the left it can shoot only using the arc of fire of left (the arc of fire of right is blind, being the fixed machine guns) same thing if it turns to the right (arc of fire of left is blind)
    2) if a pilot uses the down manoeuvre, if he desires, he adds to the come down manoeuvre another maneuvers to his choice, he cannot choose a dangerous manoeuvre, this simulates the increase of speed
    3) in a clash face to face, we always use an only paper damage, it simulates the little time of reaction that the pilots had considering the speed and the little distance of the 2 airplanes that drew near
    exception: If an aerplane attaches frontally a enemy in short distance , after a down manoeuvre, the aerplane that has done the descent shoots 2 papers damage instead of 1, it simulates an ambush
    4) within arc of fire it must be inclusive the support of the models (the center of the base) and not a any points of the base, this avoids that airplanes placed side by side and parallel can be shot, that was not possible in the reality
    5) we use a number of hits limited: 8 hits for aerplane , when a pilot has ended the hits he can shoot only solo short distance using an only paper damage.We don't use the damage explosion during a dogfight
    6) the game is 10 minutes long multiplied the number of aerplanes in game:
    Es: 4 aerplanes (40 minutes)

    I hope that you have understood my mail
    All the best!
  12. I just received 4 Bell P-39 AirCobras from OZMODS in the last couple days. They're the only ones I know of in 1/144 scale, and they look like super little kits. They give you the choice of three versions, US: British or Russian.
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    Wow! Tha's quite a collecction of models you have there! Very nice too.
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    Glad to make your acquaintance and you to my friends list. Also a former USAF. Did a vacation visit to NE Ohio - loved it. Again, glad to mack the acquaintance!
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