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Black Torrington
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World War II
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Well I have been interested in military aviation as long as I can remember, growing up with comics and films that both sparked my interest and fired my imagination. I seem to lean towards the Pacific theatre in WW2 and find carrier battles fascinating. However I find all air combat fascinating- WW1 and WW2.

I have been wargaming since I was 11 in 1973 and have dabbled with most periods and theatres, often more than once! I used to play a lot of the old Avalon Hill game Airforce and played other miniature air combat games in the dim and distant past when I used to live in Middlesbrough and was a member of a club.

I have a particular interest in WW2 gaming, and play both board games and with miniatures. I own far more games and models than I should and have not even played half the games I own (over 200). I suppose I am more collector than player.

I own Wings of Glory WW1, Dawn of War and Fire from the sky. (As well as lots of other air combat games) I have some miniatures for both and hope to play soon, I have no excuse now, I have the time, I have the toys and a regular board game playing chum who is willing to have a go.

What more can I say...I like modelling and painting (reading glasses have really helped with this !) and think I may well pick up some 1/200 kits to cover things like the P38 (my favourite) and more Pacific theatre stuff. Who knows I may even get to play a game at some point!
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They say the world is getting smaller but I still wouldn't want to paint it.


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