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    Aerial Gunner SAUNDERS reporting for duty. Baron Rolf asked my to report to Flying officer Kyte about supplying members of the Forum with new aircraft from Ares and from Valom through which is a bricks and mortar shop in Shreswbury with an online shop. Please take a look. The Valom aircraft are already there and I have a list of the Ares aircraft that are currently available[/URL] If you send me an email I can send the list by return.

    Bob has said and he has given me permission to refer to my communication with him, that as far as he is concerned, it can only help the Wings of Glory cause if I am allowed to post the aircraft on the Forum as you are very short of suppliers in the UK.
    I have always liked the aerial combat of the WW1 and WW2 but it's been only recently that I have played Wings of Glory with Baron Rolf and I love it. So I would like to help you to keep the game alive whist making a small living out of it as well.

    Please let me know what you think Keith.
    I shall look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards

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    i have realized that i have made a mistake on my profile and its says that i must contact the administrator to change it.
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    Just another heads up to let you know that I`ve uploaded some more plane cards to the files section.
    This is actually the second time I`ve done this with some of these but it looks like they`ve got lost somewhere.
    As has the equivelant message to this.
    Hopefully things are working properly now.
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    Hi, just to let you know I`ve uploaded some more cards.
    this time some Ace pilot cards to the flies, Custom Ace Card section.
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    Hi Keith,
    Just to let you know that I`ve uploaded a set of WWII skill cards to the files section and the`re now in the mederation qeue.
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    Oberst Hajj i have one question for you what are the little green bars above our pictures for?
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    I would just like to thank you for everything you have done/are doing/will do for all of us i know this site means so much to my Father Grey Knight (Chuck) he is going through some rough financial and health time and i see him smile everytime he gets on here ....and everytime he shoots me or my lil brother down but again thank you for all that you do for the site
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    Say Kieth , did ya get the school coupons I sent you ? Billingspike
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    Yeah I figured that out but didn't have time message you. Sorry thats what you get when you have rynos for players
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    Sorry to bohter you but where di I send the box tops?

    Flight Leader flyingryno
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    Kieth just an idea for the flight stands, could you produce a 2 seater stand with just a rear gun arc there are now starting to be avaible a lot of WW1 & WW2 2 seaters with just a rearward MG. Alastair
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    Kieth thanks for my order which arrived today. I appreciate you getting the Flight of the Giants as there are none in Brisbane and there were only a few when they were released! Thanks mate Alastair
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    My $15 donation is 5 to support the site and 10 to support The Cowman.

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    Pay pal did not accept that one either is there any other e-mail address I could send it to?
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    Kieth I am a member of the Annerly flight but cannot amend my profile to fix this up can you tell me what to do, Regards Alastair
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    Just posted a couple of new aircraft card files in to the relevent folders.
    A FoTG card set for an Iliya Murometets bomber and a revised version of the older F.E.2 card sheet.
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    Sorry to bother you but how do I post my photo on my entry page?
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    I've started a gaming group in Modesto Ca., We have 6 people playing with a core of 4, their are others but they have not registered on the aerodrome. We'd like to start a flight.

    Mike Hisaw (flyingryno)
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    Col excuse my ignorance but how do you award reputation points to members? Alastair
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    Thank you, I now have 4 players. gut only two are registered online. Third will register this week.
    1st. Lt. flyingryno
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    Heer Oberst, I'd like to know what forum to place a message to the gamers around here in the Central Valley about meeting at store for gaming. We only have three people right now and I'd like to expand that a Bite. I'd like to set up a Flight Here in Modesto. Three people and maybe 3 others that have been sucked into a 2 games. Right now we meet every Monday night at 5:30-6:00PM. Calling ourselves the OFAC group. Sorry if I'm doing this wrong but, I just don't know who else would know.
    Micheal Hisaw (1st.Lt. flyingryno)
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    Thanks for your PM in explaning the realities of my ideas I do think that this sight and its members can play an important part in the continuation of this game but we will have to wate till the muddied waters clear. Thanks Alastair
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    Heer Oberst, I have been doing some thinking (yes my ex and children advise me against this) if nexus is dead, there in my view there are several things the sight can do in the Aerodrome Accessories
    1/ There are no manouver decks for DoW light and medium bomber, would it be possible to perswade Angilo to draw up a set and sell them as a pdf file.? This could also apply to the rules as well.
    2/ Bases, excellent bases are already made made with the eception of a generic base for DoW twin engined bombers, and I assume we would be able to make our own pegs
    3/ The custom designed aircraft cards could be also sold as a pdf, the file would contain a selection of different aircraft for a select nation like Brittain, the USA and so on.
    As I said these are rough ideas that need polishing, but basicly what I am trying to say is that I belive we as a society could help fill in the gaps and hopefuly inject some funds into the society. One after though it may take some funds into getting things set up but I four one would be willing to contribute. Regards Alastair
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    Thanks for the award this is a good sight which I enjoy being a part off. Alastair
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    Gudday Col, Barry from NSW ask me to send you a list of the cars I have for disposal, so here is the list:
    4 x Assorted Baloon cards
    10 x Fokker DR1 cards
    8 x fockker EIII
    6 x Fokker EV
    7 x DH2
    4 x Albatros DIII
    4 x Albatros DV
    8 x Sopwith triplane
    10 x Nieuport 17
    6 x Rolland CII
    8 x Spad XIII
    3 x Pealz DIII
    4 x Ufag
    7 x Morain - Sarliner
    7 x Nieuort 11
    6 x Nieuport 16
    3 x Nieuport 23
    5 x RE8
    6 x Halberstadt DII
    2 x Hanriot HD1
    5 x Sopwith Camel
    2 x DH4
    5 x Breduet BR14
    3 x Pomlio PC

    To the best of my knowledge most cards are different. (though there may be some back up's) As stated in my post would rather trade for mins than sell. Regards Alastair
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    Sir I am having problems in getting my phote from it's album onto the site leaders thread, how do you do this regards Alastair (Health warning this picture can cause psychological distress)
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    Hey Colonel,

    Thank you for the suggestion about the blog, that is an excellent idea! I'll play around with it a bit when I have more time. (I'm at the office right now) and we'll see how it goes. Appreciate the thought!

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    Sir, my e-mail address has changed (i have gone from dail up to ADSL) Alastair
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    I am headed out of town until the new year. Have a safe and happy Christmas and New year.

    Talk to you in 2011!

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    Keith I found a Udet D-VII when I was picking up a Revised Deluxe Edition. I posted a thread offering to sell it for what it cost me($14.05) plus shipping. Is that OK?
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    Could you please change the flight leader for the Belgium flight from VIGFUS tot BLUEDEVIL ?



    Alex aka Bluedevil
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    Hey Col. I lost my year medal. Can you help me out> Wolf
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    Would like to be my wingman Sir?
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    HI Col. Can you make me a signature please? Thanks in advance for you help.

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    Aha. I thought it might have been something like that. Thanks for approving it.
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    Col. Hajj
    Can you help me.
    I want to take my name in locate Players, but don´t have my country there.
    I´m from Brasil - São Paulo - São Paulo
    BRAZIL - SAO PAULO - SAO PAULO (country-state-city).
    Thank you

    De Marchi
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    Hello, I finally got around to uploading the lozenge pattern decal sheet I've made for the Gotha a couple of weeks ago, but it's not there to download. Is there something else I need to do, have I done it wrong or is it just waiting for approval?

    Without wishing to sound sycophantic, I'd just like to say that this site is an example to anyone wanting to run a forum. It's friendly, informative, well laid out and easy to use. The accessories are well thought out and excellent quality. I've also just been looking at your album, and the quality of painting in there is impressive.
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    Keith, your Spyglass and Crimson Skies minis are outstanding... I am jealous of your painting skills!
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    I hope you and your family enjoy a nice Thanks Giving. Happy holidays!

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    Hello Oberst Hajj, thanks for the gracious welcome and the wunderbar info. Being an old gamer (AH Richtofens War, Luftwaffe, etc....), it is good to see a resurgence in interest in WWl and WWll air combat. Thanks for keeping history alive!!!
  44. The best way right now is to use the Advanced Member search. You can use the link in this post, or you can find it via the Member List page, over on the right (click on search and you will the Advanced option) .
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    If I wanted to find anyone in the Knoxville area and then e-mail them to set up a game, how would I do that on this site?
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    G'Day mate,

    Just enquiring about the spitty on the gimbal mount pic. Is that 1/200 or 1/144? Is that one of the standard spit minis for DoW?


  47. Hi Col. How much are you asking for the Betty stand??
    and when I place an order, how will that work since it's not in the product list?

    I really want to get an order in this week for the gimbals, flame/smoke markers and two seater stands. (I'll be ordering 2 of them) and the B-17 stand.
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    Keith, asked a question in the Setting up your Squadron Sticky? Just to let you know. Did the package arrive in two pieces?
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    It is in the mail, unmodified as per your request. Should be there by Thursday or Friday.
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    Thanks for a very friendly and comfortable site. I moderate on 2 other forums and know how trying it can be.
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    Keith, Thanks for the e-mail concerning the pictures I tried to put on my profile page. I will try again next week.
  52. Hi Col.
    Young Bumblie3 seems to have some trouble finding the British flight Forum, and thinks it might not just be him in trouble. He asks if there is any way that access can be made more obvious to all new flight members.
    Respectfully yours sir. F.O. Kyte.
  53. Good morning Col.
    i would like you to cast your eyes over my thread "new flight Leader" on the British forum and give me any thoughts you may have on our discussion.
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    Thanks for the info(on how to add pictures) Keith. Should have the pictures up in a couple of weeks.
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    Could you explain to me how to add pictures to my Profile Page. I would like to place some pictures of the kits I have built(finally) on my Profile Page. There is some one in town who will take the pic's and they are good with computers, but I want to be sure I know how to put them on my Profile Page. Thanks for any help you can offer. gregbond77
  56. Hi, Col. Hajj,

    I'm still alive and playing some WoW with my friends

    Sorry for not enter the site

    Have a nice day
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    Hello my friend,

    Today I do one year of wing of war member.

    My regards
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    Paul Howard from Helmet Aircraft 200 is seeking expression of intrest of what WW2 aircraft players are intrested in. As this is a wings of war sight I though I would ask you if this was possible. Regards Doug
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    Life is good Col.

    Busy with many hobby activities so I cannot complain. Trying to get our Wings of War league off the ground again after a summer hiatus. How are things with you? You have many irons in the Wings of War fire amigo.
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    Hi Kieth,
    Finally bought the military transport case. I really like it. Thanks again for the tip.
    Take care,
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    Hey Keith how do you do? how did you spent your holidays?
    i would like to ask you if it is possible for you to change my pilot rank icon under my airplane avatar.let me know if it is possible this change(i would like to change to american pilot ranks instead germans one)
    thank You.
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    This site is great. I saw a google map with plane icons on them. How do I add mine so people know their is a fan in Knoxville?-thanks
  63. (I sent you the message I posted here as a private e-mail)
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    hey Keith can i ask you to give us your briefing about the BoB mission you will play on wedsney please?
    i will wait your post in the forum.
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    Hi Keith, You don't have a box for donations towards your accessories development. I hope a proportion of donations to the site can be diverted towards funding this? I've put a few more pennies in the kitty in the hope that this is so.
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    Received the Aerodrome Rulers. They look, feel and work great for the game.

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    hello col. Hajj
    i want to congratulate with You and your founders of this awesome forum.
    the graphics avatars and so on are amazing and everytime i enter here i want to discuss about everything on wow game series

    really congrats for your beautifull work!
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    Very Nice 40K mini's.... do you play or just paint? I used to play until they started changing the codex's and rules every other day...... I had Necrons, Imperial fist, and Plague Marine armies..... all painted to level 4 or above....
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    Thank you for the friendship request :-)
    Do you use FB as well?
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    Col Hajj,

    How do I upload my location to the members map? Also, is there a way to search for California players.

    Great website!

    thank you

    Air Battle Manager
  71. Hi Col.
    I just started a thread called "Pandora's Books. Have a look and see what you think to Guntruck's idea.
  72. Thanks Col. Chris E-mailed to say he had heard from you , but still could not get in. Must be his server or something. If he can't do it from home I will get him up here and he can set it up on my machine.
    Regards, Rob.
  73. Hi Col.
    I have a gamer friend who is trying to join the site, but can't seem to get anything but Page can't be found. Can you E-mail him at and bail him out please. Much obliged, Rob.
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    Col thanks for the information on the cannon armed Huricaine Doug
  75. View Conversation
    Col may I have your view on what shooting markers for long range and short range for a Hurrican IIC with 4 x 20mm cannon. Thanks Doug
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    Never mind my last message post - I found your video instructions - Somehow I missed the edit button D'oh all is good now. <sigh> Nobody around me here in New Jersey to invite over to the gaming store. Oh well, maybe find some new players there interested in WoW. Thanks
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    Hello Col. Hajj,

    Haven't been on in a while - but I went to use the Google Player Locater map to see if anyone was near me (a gaming store close by to me is starting up a some gaming nights) but I noticed my ICON "Cybermaxx" has been edited by a sergio.massa and it's like in the middle of no where. I went to update it myself but I can't seem to do that - maybe if you are able to delete me I'll just re-add myself back to the map in the proper location. Thanks
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    I like the site and appreciate the time and effort you've put in. 1 question: when ever I go to the files section, or click on a random picture (kept in the same "place" I assume), I lose my logon status. Is there a problem, or do i need a higher status to have files privliges? Karl
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    Thanks for managing this site. Great job and here's to the continued success of!
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    Hey Col.
    You sent me a PM. and I can't open it?
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    Col thanks for the award, but on the other hand I an embaressed as it was only a small amount Doug
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    Hi Col Hajj,

    Please post this new WoW squadron located in Temecula California!

    We will be meeting the second Saturday of each month starting this February.

    Volant Gun.
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    Hey Keith, Tony mentioned ou were planning a game at the haven soon. Have you set a date?
  84. View Conversation
    Got any games planned soon?
  85. View Conversation
    Hey Col Hajj! Wassup?
  86. View Conversation
    Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thanks for a great website.
  87. View Conversation
    Col. Sir,

    We wish you a Merry Christmas.

    Portugal Group
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    Hi Col Hajj,

    How do I upload a file, I can't find the way to do it, and I have a file with the Dawn of WW2 rules translated to Brazilian Portuguese to upload.

    Best regards,

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    I just received a note indicating that Andrea Angiolino will be in Portugal at 30 and 31 of January 2010, in the convention LeiriaCon 2010

    I think that this will be fantastic

    I would like to broadcast this, but I do not have permission to access the news page at the forum

    Can you do that for me.

    My regards
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    Happy Halloween Col. Sir! Could you lock out the CURSES! Thread since I intended this to be a Halloween joke and it seems to have worked. I hope everyone caught the tounge in cheek flavor of it. ( I realize that some things don't translate well into other languages) I am currently working on some rules for 1930's racing planes with graphics, and a WWII German fighter marking file. I will post both as soon as they are finished. LO!
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    Gudday Col, thankyou, at the moment I am thinking of the deck used by the RE8 but only the basic manouver cards as it was a very stable aircraft, anyway I will give it ago and see what ideas we can come up with at the club. Regards Doug
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    First - thanks for the wonderful site, best WoW site on the net by far. Next, I've updated my choice for my avatar background just wondering if you can perform your little magic. Currently when I post my background is coming up black, as well as viewing my older posts in the forum. Cheers - CyberMaxX
  93. Here is a friendly note to let you know that I would appreciate it if you would change my avatar background to the WWi Central Powers image. Thanks for the great, no, AMAZING site! I love it!
  94. Col. Sir,

    For some reason since you have added the translations I can not get to the Home Page. I am told that I do not have the correct premissions to view it or I am not logged on.

    Other than that this is a great site full of good information. Keep it up.



    Update: Able to reach home page but nothing is showing up. New development, Photo page giving me a 404 error.
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    Col I was wondering if you could surgest which manouver deak a British BE.2C could use?
    Thanks Doug.
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    HELP!! I'm having trouble logging in, sometimes it works sometimes it does'nt. Sometimes I can only log in on the left side of the home page, sometimes I can only log in on the one in the top right corner. The "thankyou for logging in Charlie3" message always comes up, but when it redirects, I am still not logged in.
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    I'd like to add my thanks. This site gives me everything I need to play WoW.
  98. Col.Hajj,

    How in the world can I place my own jpeg or other type of image in my avatar window? I thought I could just paste it in but no luck!
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    Just wanted to say: Thanks for the site!
  100. View Conversation
    That was quite confusing the way I worded that. I mean put a link on the navigation bar next to medals, or forums, or members list called "classifieds" for all of us sellers and buyers.
  101. View Conversation
    A simple chat function with viewing ability for all on the navbar above, like the way we're communicating right now, would work for me. How much do you want for your unused plane and maneuver decks, and all other such stuff?
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    Col, thanks for sending me details of the German Goth they are what I will use. The Flight of the Giants looks good. Regards Doug
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    How about a classifieds area where players can avoid Ebay, and share the wealth between ourselves by advertising and selling unwanted WoW game pieces and such to each other. This is for all of us "card" players who hear you "minis" guys saying things like, "I have all my cards put away in an old, lonely, forgotten shoe box." We could use those cards.
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    Your system to transport the planes is an excelente idea, I going to buy same foam.

  105. Thanks Charlie3. I too found the other WoW sites a little lacking. They all had their strong points, but were very lacking in the other areas. I'm trying to build this site so that it makes use of all the strong points from each of those others.

    With continued support and content provided by the members here, I know we can make this site grow into something very useful.
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    Hey just wanted to say thanks for the site. I have found the other WoW sites frustrating because they had to use. I hope you can keep up the good work.
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Messines Mat : A 72" by 55" mat that you can have printed out to fly over. 06-16-2012 339
Loos Mat : A 46" x 36" mat that you can have printed out to fly over. 06-16-2012 833
Solo Deck C : OPTIONAL WW2 ADVANCED SOLO RULES "These are the Optional Advanced WW2 Maneuvre Charts. Richard Br ... 08-04-2012 101
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Paper Observation Balloon : "If you want to make a paper Balloon, feel free to use these Moulds. You can see how in this thread. ... 08-04-2012 311
Bloody April : A full campaign setting in April 1917. 09-18-2012 489
Bloody April Character Sheet : Excel Character Sheet for the Bloody April campaign. 09-18-2012 193
Bloody April Flight Tracker : Excel sheet to track flights in the Bloody April Campaign. 09-18-2012 152
MvR Albatros D.III : MvR's all red Albatros D.III 10-28-2013 34
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Stalled Advance: Knights of the Air mission 4a

by Oberst Hajj on 05-07-2011 at 02:17
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(English version below)

Guten Tag Sir Fazer,

I hafe completed flight training and vas immediately sent to ze vestern front as a scout pilot. I hafe been assigned to Jasta 5, an elite group of fighting men. zey alvays seem to find ze trouble up zere, so nev pilots do not last long. If I can manage to surfife a fev sorties, zen ze experience of ze older pilots vill really helps me out. ze Jasta is flying Albatros D.Va upon my arrifal.

Upon reporting

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Balloon Busting: Knights of the Air mission 3b.

by Oberst Hajj on 04-04-2011 at 12:23


No doubt you are concerned with the strange penmanship you find this letter written in. It is with great sympathy that I have to inform you that Kiefer von Loganstein did not return from his sortie today. To save you some worry, I will say up front that Kiefer is alive, but has been captured by the enemy and has serious wounds.

The last mission handed down from high command was to take out observation balloons in our sector. This is always a very

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Dawn Patrol: Knights of the Air mission 2b.

by Oberst Hajj on 04-04-2011 at 12:23
Dear Nadine,

It appears that the change in weather has brought a change to our effectiveness in the air. Our latest sortie was most successful. The morning started out clear and crisp and our flight of 4 aircraft where up at altitude and crossing the lines as dawn broke. Just inside their lines we spotted a formation of 3 below us. With the sun being low this early in the morning, neither side could gain a surprise. We turned towards each other about the same time and shortly

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Refights of Missions 2a and 1 - Germans on the offensive

by Oberst Hajj on 03-26-2011 at 00:35
Dear Nadine,

I must apologize for my lateness in the letter. I hope it's delay did not cause you any undo stress. These last few weeks have seen a lot of contact with the enemy.

Last week we saw the best flying weather in a very long time and we were able to fly two mission on one of the days. The first engagement again saw us trying to stop an enemy two seater (Intel says it is the RAF R.E 8 that we have seen over the font of late) from photographing our supply

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Enemy Troop Movement - Mission 2a

by Oberst Hajj on 03-11-2011 at 03:28
Dear Nadine,

I have had little time to recover from my injuries mentioned in my last letter and I have already had to fly another sortie. The enemy is pressing us hard in this sector.

Early this morning my flight was scrambled as three enemy planes had been spotted operating in the area. We circled above the aerodrome gaining altitude and then head off towards the front. Just before making the lines, we spotted them.

A new type of two seater was

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Medals Showcase - 24 Medals - 99 Aerial Victories
Icon Image Description
Oberst Hajj Award Oberst Hajj Award Name: Oberst Hajj Award
For supreme dedication to the establishment and maintaining of the Wings of Glory Aerodrome
Issue time: 03-25-2012, 01:58
Issue reason: For supreme dedication to the establishment and maintaining of the Wings of Glory Aerodrome
Charity Gold Charity Gold Name: Charity Gold
Awarded for taking part in four Wings of War Aerodrome fundraisers.
Issue time: 10-13-2012, 19:03
Issue reason: Donating to the 2010 Toys of Tots fundraiser.
Donating 50 Box Tops for Education (donation made by BobP).
Donating to the Wedmore War Graves fund.
Children's Cancer Charity Children's Cancer Charity Name: Children's Cancer Charity
Awarded to those selfless pilots that donated to Go Fold for kids with cancer fund in the name of my nephew Carter.
Issue time: 09-21-2013, 08:43
Issue reason: Donating to Go Gold for kids with caner in honor of Carter Gates.
Sebastian Charity Sebastian Charity Name: Sebastian Charity
Awarded to those selfless pilots that donated to Sebastian's family to help with the expenses of his multiple heart surgeries.
Issue time: 04-23-2015, 04:32
Issue reason: Donating to Sebastian's family for his heart surgeries.
Recruitment 10 Recruitment 10 Name: Recruitment 10
Awarded to members who have officially recruited at least 10 new members to the site.
Issue time: 04-23-2012, 07:03
Issue reason: Recruited 10 or more members.
Reputation 500 Reputation 500 Name: Reputation 500
Award to members who have received 500 or more Reputation points from their peers.
Issue time: 10-21-2012, 00:29
Issue reason: This pilot is revered by their peers and has received 500 or more points of Reputation.
How To Article Silver How To Article Silver Name: How To Article Silver
Awarded to those who have written three articles for the How To section.
Issue time: 01-14-2013, 20:00
Issue reason: Article: Nieuport 17, Flying Fish of Cpt. Harry S. Gwinne
Article: Adding Peter Pig Pilots to your paints
Article: How to Photograph Miniature planes
Book Review Silver Book Review Silver Name: Book Review Silver
Awarded to members who have posted at least 15 Book Reviews for the site.
Issue time: 04-23-2012, 00:45
Issue reason: Reviewing books so that others may know what to expect to find between the covers.
1000 Photos 1000 Photos Name: 1000 Photos
Awarded members who have uploaded at least 1000 photos to their Albums.
Issue time: 10-06-2011, 04:34
Issue reason: Uploading at least 1000 photos to your Albums.
File Upload Bronze File Upload Bronze Name: File Upload Bronze
Awarded to members who have uploaded at least 50 Files for the community.
Issue time: 08-07-2012, 23:36
Issue reason: Uploading 50 or more Files for the benefit of other members.
Origins Event Organizer - 3 Year Origins Event Organizer - 3 Year Name: Origins Event Organizer - 3 Year
Origins Event Organizer - Third Year Attending
Issue time: 06-20-2013, 13:05
Issue reason: For organizing events at the Origins Games Fair - Third year attending.
Origins Event GM - 1 Year Origins Event GM - 1 Year Name: Origins Event GM - 1 Year
Origins Event GM
Issue time: 05-31-2015, 22:07
Issue reason: Origins Event GM
Genghis Con Event Organizer - 1 Year Genghis Con Event Organizer - 1 Year Name: Genghis Con Event Organizer - 1 Year
Genghis Con Event Organizer
Issue time: 02-25-2012, 03:39
Issue reason: Setting up and organizing the 2012 Genghis Con events.
TaciCon Event GM - 1 Year TaciCon Event GM - 1 Year Name: TaciCon Event GM - 1 Year
TaciCon Event GM
Issue time: 09-15-2011, 09:00
Issue reason: Running games at Tacticon 2011.
Origins Ground Crew 2015 - Silver Origins Ground Crew 2015 - Silver Name: Origins Ground Crew 2015 - Silver
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2015. Not once, not twice, but three times!
Issue time: 06-01-2015, 18:04
Issue reason: Helping send Skafloc to Origins 2015.
Origins Ground Crew 2014 - Silver Origins Ground Crew 2014 - Silver Name: Origins Ground Crew 2014 - Silver
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2014.
Issue time: 03-16-2015, 08:31
Issue reason: Thrice helping to bring Marechallannes to Origins 2014.
Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver Name: Origins Ground Crew 2013 - Silver
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome with bringing one of it's overseas members to Origins 2013.
Issue time: 03-16-2015, 08:31
Issue reason: A triple ACE for Lend-Lease 2013!
Origins Ground Crew 2012 - Silver Origins Ground Crew 2012 - Silver Name: Origins Ground Crew 2012 - Silver
Awarded to those members that helped the Aerodrome bring one of our overseas members to Origins 2012.
Issue time: 04-10-2012, 08:06
Issue reason: Reaching the Trifecta of the Lend-Lease Program.
LGKR Memorial Medal LGKR Memorial Medal Name: LGKR Memorial Medal
A medal made in the memory and honor of an esteemed pilot. May he forever fly in blue skies.
Issue time: 09-22-2012, 20:11
Issue reason: Blue Skies LGKR!
Bovine Caritas Bovine Caritas Name: Bovine Caritas
Awarded to those members that came to the aide of The Cowman in his time of need.
Issue time: 11-15-2011, 04:21
Issue reason: Donating a prize to aid a fellow pilot.
Painting Contest Winner Painting Contest Winner Name: Painting Contest Winner
Winner of a Painting contest sponsored by and held on the Forum.
Issue time: 05-10-2012, 06:08
Issue reason: 1st Place winner of the 2012 Nieuport 17/23 Challenge.
5 Years of Service and 3000 posts 5 Years of Service and 3000 posts Name: 5 Years of Service and 3000 posts
Awarded to members for five years of service and 3000+ posts.
Issue time: 07-15-2014, 10:15
Issue reason: Five years of service and 3000+ posts.
Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal Name: Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal
Awarded to Aerodrome members who joined on or before the 11th of March 2014.
Issue time: 04-18-2014, 09:33
Issue reason: Happy Anniversary Wings of Glory!!!
Christmas 2011 Christmas 2011 Name: Christmas 2011
Awarded pilots that flew sorties on Christmas Eve and Christmas day 2011.
Issue time: 12-25-2011, 02:02
Issue reason: Awarded for sorties flown on Christmas Eve or Christmas day 2011.