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    i've found a place that charges £5 for the day only small 9'x 13' with a table in the middle what do you think ?
  2. As you will have to come down to me, i'm fairly easy going on what we play. Wouldn't mind getting some AA action on the go?
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    Hayden do you want to do early war or late war this weekend ? I'm going to try and get my two Dr.I's ready for Jasta 11 so I can take on your Camels.
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    It's time forus to build our new goodies soon
  5. New albums uploaded!!! Take a butchers
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I play at WMMS Wolverhampton & Derby WWG shows currently, and looking to do 2015 Birmingham Games Expo as far as shows are concerned.

If you live in Shropshire, drop me a PM and we could arrange a big WoG game.

Tally ho chaps!!!


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The Stranded Rookie : This is going to be a tense multiplayer showdown. Try solo if you wish, but better with 2 or 3 playe ... 01-25-2012 274
The Long Flight Home. : Enemy bombers are facing the 'long flight home' but have been given orders to 'lighten their loads' ... 05-07-2012 224
Collision Results Table : If you want to speed up your games, whilst adding some extra peril and tension then you should give ... 10-24-2012 97
WMMS Show scenarios x4! : Good scenarios for game nights and clubs. Flesh out your own stories and attempt some daring raid ... 03-02-2013 297
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*Saturday Night Dogfight* Week 2

by HTRAINo on 03-29-2013 at 14:47
Ok, the time is almost upon us to fight for mutual goals.
A few are ready to go, and all are welcome to participate.

Spanish civil war, polish-soviet war included.
King Kong has been mentioned too, and if you play it I will put your results up.

Let's see who can pull it out of the bag this week!
I may even make a special banner for Week2 results lol

Updated 03-30-2013 at 05:33 by HTRAINo


*Saturday Night Dogfight* Week 2

by HTRAINo on 03-29-2013 at 14:06
After the first installment of this went rather well, and lots of interest was expressed by quite a lot of members, the 2nd week is happening tomorrow.

All are welcome, and you just need to play a game on a saturday to include yourself.

If you would like to follow it, go to General Discussions> Saturday Night Dogfight.
Also, check Saturday Night Dogfight Week 1 results in the same category.

Each week, a new post will be made collating all players

Read More

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