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    Yep, that's fine.
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    Glad you liked my Spad - can't say its accurate but it sure is pretty ! Mainly done with GW acrylics, some Humbrol paints & some of Doms Decals. Dave
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    Thanks, Lead.
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    Thanks man!
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    It's all timing...
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    Pretty cool! What stats do you use for the Nieuport 28?

    With the black Dr.1, all you need is a bunch of red ones and you have the whole german air force (at least according to the movie Flyboys.)

    Is that the board from the old Dogfight game? I had that game 40 years ago or so.
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    Excellent job, great pics. Thanks for showing me and if you don't want to keep that tri-camel let me know. I'll pay shipping.
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    Congrats Commander. Didn't see your post for the promotion??
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    Thanks again Wingman.
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    Cool! I've already pre-paid for them at my LGS - I'll have to find out if they got 'em coming yet.
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    Thanks! Now I know how to wingman up.
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    Sorry, I don't know where to get the decal. I don't even know where to get a Nieuport 28! I'll keep my eyes open for them.

    Wouldn't mind getting my first wingman, though I don't know how it's done.
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    Never easy is it? Make sure you size them down to 800 x ? so they will fit.
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    I won't be. I can't wait.
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    Hello, Hope all is well. I'm getting me a squadron of RAF Se.5a and a few of the other ones. I think the Se.5a will be able to compete with Fokker DVII. Have you downloaded the League Rules Master Edition? I really like the optional smoke and fire rule. Talk at ya later.
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    Thanks a lot for the kind comments. One of the reason why miniatures don't come out so often is that the publisher don't want the game to be too demanding for players' wallets... I think that many people would like a quicker pace, but so it goes.
    Thanks again and all the best!
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    Hello Greg, how is Oak Harbor treating you these days?
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    Thanks, found it. Hey can you e-mail me a copy of the rules?
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    Good to hear. I will try to get a pic of all my planes done this week and put in my album.
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    Go to the members list at the top of the page. Look for members in your area and ask for help. Cus I really would like to see your planes and the game.
  22. CappyTom,
    Yes I still have the American Heritage Dogfight game,two sets. I would really like to post some pictures of the game and the WWI 1/144 scale planes I have built and those in progress. Problem is I use the computer at the local Library( just talked with the libraian and can't post pictures from public computer) and I have the computer IQ of a doornob. If there is anyone in the Seattle area willing to help out I would be willing to drive over or meet some place. I try and post in the forums to see if I can get some help.
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    Do you still have American Heritage game Dogfight? If so can you take some pics of it to put in an album? Also you could put some pics of your planes as well. Would love to see them.
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Hello, My main interest is building WWI 1/144 scale miniatures. So far I have completed; Pfalz D-III,& D-XII, Junkers D-I, Albatros D-II, Se5a, Nieuport II,& 28, plus a Sopwith Triplane and Sopwith Dolphin. The Fokker D-VI is also finished. All models were made from white metal kits.


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