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  1. "The Climb Rates of the Beaufighter and Me.110 were missing from the altitude table in the WW2 Starter Set, here they are:
    Beaufighter Mk.IF - Climb Rate 5, Maximum Altitude 11
    Beaufighter Mk.VIF - Climb Rate 5, Maximum Altitude 10
    Messerschmitt Bf.110 C - Climb Rate 4, Maximum Altitude 11"
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    Hi Sven,

    If you send me your email address I will forward you some background documents on the New Guinea Campaign.



    Tactical Walk Through of Aircraft

    This post is designed to give new players to the game some insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the various fighters available as miniatures in Wings of War. But before we do that, let's first discuss some key factors that must be considered before entering into any air combat, regardless of the plane.

    It is vitally important that you know the capabilities of your enemy's aircraft. Is the plane faster or slower than yours? Can it turn well to the left and right? Is it a sturdy plane? Is it exceptionally maneuverable? Knowing these things can be the difference between winning a dogfight or going down in flames. Learning the capabilities of the enemy plane can give you valuable insight when going into combat, and will give you a much better chance of survival. In turn, know your own planes capabilities. Review your maneuver deck before you engage in a mission. Finally, remember that in combat, sometimes doing the unexpected can save your hide. The tactical analysis will tell you strengths and weaknesses and give recommendations, but it doesn't mean you have to stick to them at all times.

    Now, let's go over each of the 8 key fighters of the first 3 Series of WOW (Series 4 update at the end). We'll start with the weaker planes and progress to the best. With each review I'll go over the strengths and weaknesses (if any) of each plane and any other key factors worth noting -

    Albatros D.III -
    Strength - none
    Weakness - no special maneuvers

    Albatros D.III - This is an average plane with no special maneuvers, average speed, and decent health. Use patience with this plane. With no 90 degree turns you have to wait for your opportunity and maybe use some unconventional maneuvers to try and gain position. Keep the Immelmann on standby at all times. As with the Nieuport, against a superior plane you must be more cautious, keep your distance, and look for an opening to land a hit. You have enough health to hang with the better planes, but a close range dogfight is a maneuvering mismatch not in your favor.

    Nieuport 17/21/23 -
    Strength - short side-slip maneuver.
    Weakness - Only 12 hit points

    Nieuport - Low health is its primary weakness. Fly it as you would the D.III, except use more caution after you've taken a few hits. You don't have many to spare. The short side-slip maneuver is the only real strength of this plane. Use it to set up position leading into a turning fight, to get out of trouble, or to keep your opponent off balance and guessing. Avoid early head on passes as you don't have enough hit points to survive this tactic for long. Use your Immelmann wisely but don't become too predictable with it. When facing a stronger opponent you have to be more careful, keep your distance, and wait for your chances. You won't win a turning fight and can't outrun anyone.

    Albatros D. Va
    Strengths - above average speed, good health (15 hp)
    Weakness - poor maneuverability

    D.Va - This is a fast plane but it has no special maneuvers. Treat it as a faster, healthier version of the D.III and use similar tactics. However, with the D.Va you have the ability to close quickly on an opponent, take a shot, and get out of trouble (also known as the hit and run tactic). Speed is your primary weapon, so use it to your advantage. Know that you can stay ahead of all but the Spad XIII & SE5a if you need to cut and run. The D.Va has only the standard maneuvers, and as a result the only plane it can out turn is the Spad XIII. Avoid a turning fight with all other Allied planes, even the Nieuport.

    Spad XIII -
    Strengths - top speed, health (16 hp)
    Weaknesses - poor maneuverability

    Spad XIII - Speed is its strength. Period. It, along with the SE5a, are the fastest planes out there (so far) and can outrun any of the current planes. You need to use the shoot and run tactic with this plane, using the Immelmann to quickly reverse direction, for it will take forever to turn around otherwise. With the Spad, patience is the key. This plane has top health, so wait for your opening, land some hits, and get out of harms way before setting up for another pass. Use your turns to get clear of danger when an opponent has gained the advatage, and don't forget about the long left or right slip maneuvers. The combination of turns and long slips can get you clear of danger quickly. If the battle isn't going well, use your speed to get out of trouble. You can be well out of range of your opponents guns in two well placed maneuvers.

    Fokker Dr.I -
    Strengths - tightest 90 degree right turn, short side-slip maneuver
    Weakness - only 13 hit points, no 90 degree left

    Dr.I - This plane is a good fighter with a number of weaknesses. Only average speed combined with low hit points leave you vulnerable. The Dr.I's best strength is its two super tight 90 degree right turns. In a close turning fight it will out turn any other plane (however, if flying against the Camel DO NOT forget that it has THREE 90 degree right turns to your two). If your opponent has a 90 degree left (like the Sopwith Snipe), keep him on your right when possible as you have no 90 degree left turn to counter with. If your opponent is also without a 90 degree left, then you can feel safe attacking from any direction. Finally, if your opponent does not have any 90 degree turns, you'll have a huge advantage in the turning fight if you attack from the right.

    In addition to it's super tight turns, the Dr.I also has the short side-slip. This is a valuable maneuver when combined with it's tight 90 degree turns. Keep this maneuver at the ready as you'll need it to beat the Camel. If the fight is going badly, get out of trouble before you get too low on health because you won't out run any other fighter except the Nieuport 16. Because of your low starting health, you should avoid early head on passes.

    Sopwith Camel -
    Strengths - three 90 degree right turns, above average speed.
    Weakness - no 90 left and no other special maneuver.

    Camel - Above average plane. Its weakness is its lack of a 90 degree left turn. But on the flip side it's strength lies in its three 90 degree right turns (no other plane has more than 2). Keep your opponent on your right as you approach, setting up for the hard right turns as you need them. The Camels above average speed is an advantage against the D.III and the Dr.I, but not so against the D.Va or D.VII. When flying against the D.VII, the lack of a 90 degree left turn is a distinct disadvantage. Against the Dr.I and D.Va it isn't a factor. The Camels combination of health, speed, and (right) turning ability make it a formidable opponent as long as you stick to it's strengths.

    Sopwith Snipe
    Strengths - health (16 hp), "super-slide" maneuver (1 left, 2 right), 90 degree turns both left and right.
    Weakness - none

    Sopwith Snipe - This is another great plane with no glaring weakness, but has a very cool maneuver I like to call the "super slide". This maneuver, also known as the long side-slip, is great for getting out of trouble quickly or setting up position for an attack. With your deck having one to the left and two to the right, this maneuver is very effective and undoubtedly your top weapon in combat. In addition the Snipe turns 90 degrees both left and right and has above average speed. Try using the side slips with the 90 degree turns to gain position or shake an opponent (side-slip right, then 90 degree left, followed by side-slip left (or vice versa) is a very effective evasive sequence). Bottom line - this is a top notch fighter and can hold it's own even against the Fokker D.VII. You can pretty much use any tactic when attacking with this plane, but keep your wits about you, try not to be too predictable, and use the "super-slide" wisely.

    Fokker D.VII
    Strengths - health (16 hp), short straight (non-stall), short turn (steep), 90 degree turns left & right.
    Weakness - none

    Fokker D.VII - This is considered by many to be the best fighter of WWI. The D.VII is a very dangerous plane, especially in the hands of an experienced player. With top health (16) and no real weaknesses, this plane has it all. Among its numerous strengths are the short straight (non-stall) card and the very effective short turn (steep) maneuvers which you can use to quickly turn the tables on opponents. Also note that this is the only plane that can perform two (or even three!) short straight maneuvers back to back, effectively forcing an opponent to fly right past it. If that isn't enough, it also turns 90 degrees both left and right and has above average speed (only the Spad XIII & SE5a are faster). Try using a short turn with the 90 degree turns to get out of a jam or quickly gain position from an odd angle. You can also use the short turn with the short straight to turn quickly and gain position without overshooting your opponent, or use the short straight with the 90 degree turn for a quick change of direction. Bottom line - use any tactic you want with this plane, but be careful not to get overconfident when flying it.

    A tactical over view of classic match-ups, from the pilots point of view.

    Fokker Dr.I vs. Sopwith Camel
    Dr.I pilot - When engaging in a dogfight with the Sopwith Camel, there are a few key factors I keep in mind. We both have hard right turns, but the Camel can hold the turn longer if the turning fight starts early (in the first maneuver round). Despite this, the Dr.I has a tighter turn and, if I have the angle (i.e. if you're not parallel), will land a shot before the third maneuver round even happens. The Camel is faster, so I try and stay in close and use the Fokker's superior maneuverability to keep the Camel on the defensive. The mini side-slip is a key factor here. The Camel has no such maneuver so I have the advantage again. If the Camel gets separation, it can close on me quickly, so I try and keep things close. The Fokker is a weaker plane so I avoid the head on passes if possible, unless I've scored previous multiple hits and feel certain that I'm the healthier plane at the time. The Fokker's strength lies in it's tight maneuverability. This is where I'll win the battle against the Camel.

    Camel pilot - When engaging the Fokker Dr.I, I keep to my strengths - speed and the three 90 degree right turns. The Dr.I is more maneuverable and as a result I must avoid the "in close" dogfight. The Dr.I will easily out turn my Camel if it has the angle on me, and with the mini side-slip it can quickly turn the tables. I'll keep my distance and attempt to land some quick hits to drop it's health enough to force it onto the defensive. The Camel is the sturdier plane, so I won't be afraid to go head on in the early stages of the fight. I'll use my speed to close quickly on the Dr.I if I catch it out of position, but I must watch out for it's Immelmann, as it can reverse direction quickly without distancing itself from me. To defeat the Dr.I, I must use my speed and 90 degree turns to gain its 6 and avoid the close range dogfight.

    Fokker D.VII vs. Sopwith Snipe
    D.VII pilot - The D.VII is an incredible fighter, but the Snipe is a worthy opponent. If I use all of the Fokker's strengths it's a hard plane to beat. When going against the Snipe I need to be patient while using the short turn and the 90 degree turns to my advantage. With the short turn I am more maneuverable in close, but I can't forget about the Snipes long side-slip. This is a tricky maneuver I must always be ready for. If the Snipe gains position, I can use the short turn to get myself out of trouble. Finally, the short straight (non-stall) maneuver is a key weapon in my D.VII arsenal. When used with the short turn or 90 degree turns I can change direction in a very short distance. If I use my strengths wisely, I have a great chance of downing the Snipe in combat.

    Snipe pilot - My Snipe is a great plane, but against the D.VII I must use every advantage I have and keep my opponent guessing if I am to be victorious. When fighting the D.VII I know that we both posses equal turning ability, but the D.VII can maneuver better in close with it's short turns. To counter this I must make use of my Snipes ability to pull a long side-slip maneuver, which I can do twice to my right, but only once to my left. This can enable me to close quickly on the D.VII if it's turning away from me or quickly distance myself if I'm in trouble. Our planes are again equal in speed and health, so it comes down to staying out of trouble. When I fly against the D.VII I must be patient, stay unpredictable, and not get in too close unless I'm able to gain its 6.

    Albatros D.Va vs. Spad XIII
    D.Va pilot - When going against the Spad XIII I know I'm the slower plane. But this gives me the advantage of a tighter turning radius which amounts to better maneuverability. I'll try and get in closer to the Spad to try and force a turning fight, which is in my favor. If I can't do this, I have to be patient and use my Immelmann often to reverse direction to try and gain position for a shot. I have to be leery of its speed, as it will close the distance between us much quicker than any other plane. I can't be predictable and if I get into trouble I have to leave myself an escape route since the Spad will easily catch me with its superior speed. To win I have to use my instincts and anticipate correctly what the Spad will do. If I can gain his 6, I have a good chance at victory.

    Spad XIII pilot - I have but one major advantage when flying against the D.Va, and that is speed. My plane is faster and I can close quickly on my opponent if I catch him out of position. But the D.Va is more maneuverable, so I must avoid the turning fight and try and keep some distance between us, waiting for the right moment to close the gap (which I can do very quickly) and take a shot. The Immelmann is the best way for me to reverse direction, so I'll always have it at the ready. Without a doubt, patience is the key with my plane. I cannot be too predictable and must use my speed and Immelmann wisely if I'm to win.


    Pfalz D.IIIa -
    Strength - top health (16)
    Weakness - no special maneuvers

    Pfalz - The Pfalz D.IIIa is the same as the Alabatros D.III in speed and maneuverability, but they have one BIG difference - health. With 16 health, the Pfalz becomes a much bigger threat to any opposing plane. Although its maneuverability and speed are only average, the durability of the plane gives you the opportunity to be much more aggressive in a dogfight. Feel free to engage in early head on passes in an effort to weaken an opponent, especially those with superior maneuverability (knocking a superior opponent down a few health points early can force him onto the defensive and give you the advantage). Use your Immelmann often to stay out of trouble or set up for new attacks.

    Your health is a big strength, but it does not make you invincible. You can be aggressive, but be smart. You're speed and maneuverability WILL put you at a disadvantage against most Allied planes, so be smart when pressing your attack. Know when to pull back and be more cautious.

    R.A.F. SE5a -
    Strengths - top health (16), top speed, 90 degree turns, "super slide".
    Weakness - additional steep/stall cards

    SE5a - The SE5a is an exceptional fighter that ranks among the best in the Wings of War miniatures. It is super fast, highly maneuverable, and very durable (16 hp). The combination of these three things makes for a very deadly fighter, yet some of these strengths can become a problem if you aren't used to the plane. Be aware of the SE5a's speed at all times, especially when you are near the edge of the game surface. As you get used to the plane you may have difficulty gauging distance, which could result in leaving the game surface unintentionally. You may also find yourself overshooting an opponent, so be prepared. If you overshoot your opponent and find yourself in trouble, simply use your speed and maneuverability to get out of gun range and regroup.

    In addition to its exceptional speed the SE5a has great maneuverability, with 90 degree turns both left and right along with an amazing long side-slip (super slide) that goes corner to corner on the maneuver card. But unlike the Snipe or the Dr.I, you cannot use a 90 degree turn and a side-slip back to back, as both have the black diamond steep/stall designation and therefore cannot be played consecutively.

    The SE5a's speed and durability allows you to be very aggressive with your attacks. Consider using your stall maneuver early as you approach your opponent, allowing him to reveal his plan of attack. You can then use your exceptional speed to close quickly and hopefully land some quick hits. Use your speed to execute the hit and run technique while using your maneuverability to quickly set up position for a new attack. In turn, use all your maneuver options in an effort to keep your opponent off balance and guessing. Your Immelmann can carry you well out of gun range during a turn around, as can the sweeping turns. Don't be too predictable and your opponent will stay on the defensive.

    The one thing you need to avoid is allowing your opponent to stay in close. Planes like the D.VII, with it's tighter 90's and short turning ability, can cause problems if you engage in a close turning fight. Avoid this. Speed is your best weapon and best defense. Stay out of gun range and use your speed to close quickly when your opponent leaves an opening. Finally, if the battle is going poorly, you'll have no problem escaping if you give yourself enough time.

    Hope this helps you with your new planes. Enjoy the game and remember, ALWAYS turn into your opponents attack!
    Guard your six and may your guns never jam.

    alias Goering Ace

    Erster Weltkrieg Kriegsbeginn

    Am 1. August 1914 wurde in Oberschleißheim die Flieger-Ersatzabteilung 1 b (b = bayerisch) aufgestellt. Unterabteilungen waren:

    Königlich Bayerische Militär-Fliegerschule I (Schleißheim) mit Flieger-Beobachterschule 1 und Funkerschule
    Königlich Bayerische Militär-Fliegerschule II (Lachen-Speyerdorf)
    Königlich Bayerische Militär-Fliegerschule III (Fürth-Unterfarrnbach) mit Vorflugschule, ab August 1917 als Flieger-Ersatzabteilung 2 b
    Königlich Bayerische Militär-Fliegerschule IV (Lagerlechfeld) mit Flieger-Beobachterschule 2 und Flieger-Schützenschule
    Königlich Bayerische Militär-Fliegerschule V (Gersthofen)
    Königlich Bayerische Kriegs-Fliegerschule VI (Bamberg)
    Königlich Bayerische Militär-Fliegerschule VII (Germersheim)
    Außerdem bestanden die Königlich Bayerische Übungsflieger-Abteilung in Sonthofen, die Königlich Bayerische Artillerie-Fliegerschule in Grafenwöhr und der bayerische Etappen-Flugzeugpark 6 b (später: Armee-Flugpark) bei der Armeeabteilung C „von Strantz“ des V. Armee-Korps.

    Zu Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges wurden 1914 von der Flieger-Ersatzabteilung 1 b in Oberschleißheim drei Feld-Fliegerabteilungen (2 b, 5 b und 6 b), in Fürth zwei Feld-Fliegerabteilungen (1 b und 3 b) sowie in Germersheim die bayerische Festungs-Fliegerabteilung 1 b (später zur Feld-Fliegerabteilung 4 b umgewandelt) aufgestellt. Die Einheiten wurden an der Westfront eingesetzt und anfangs vorwiegend zur Aufklärung genutzt.

    Drei weitere Feld-Fliegerabteilungen (7 b bis 9 b) wurden im Januar 1915 in Oberschleißheim aufgestellt.
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Prague SummerCon 2017 Part III

by Marechallannes on 05-18-2017 at 09:07
Somehow this one is gone...

I'll add the pictures and will write the comments later...

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Prague SummerCon 2017 Part II

by Marechallannes on 05-18-2017 at 08:47
Prague SummerCon 2017 Day 2 - Saturday

8 am

Woke up, went for shower, prepared my stuff and knocked on Markus & Mario’s door to get with them for a breakfast.

Short hello to the pilots we met in the hotel restaurant and had some coffee, sausage, eggs and buttered bread.

9 am

Today we played in an conferece room in the hotel Mars, well organized by Dan-Sam and Kubajs.
Enough space, tables and chairs for 4 parallel

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Prague SummerCon 2017 Part I

by Marechallannes on 05-04-2017 at 01:21
New year new Prague Summer Con.

Prague SummerCon 2017 Day 1

We arrived Friday noon in the Golden City by bus after a 3,5 hour drive from Nürnberg. Quick impression of the Moldau River and the Hradschin in the Background.

Beside me my old SummerCon comrades Markus & Mario.

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Prague SummerCon 2016 Part III

by Marechallannes on 04-27-2016 at 07:57
Sunday 24th April 2016

The next morning I woke up in time with a giant headache. Painkillers from my Polish comrade Arek saved the day.

I went to the hotel’s restaurant and said to Rob: “King’s German legion report for duty!”
We had a good talk about some Napoleonic stuff. Less time to go deeper into history and I went to the coffee machine that was without coffee.

I realized that first when I put milk in the hot water and tasted.

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Prague SummerCon 2016 Part II

by Marechallannes on 04-27-2016 at 07:56
Saturday 23th April 2016

09:00 am We formed a strong wing with the Polish pilots and are on our way to the Warboss game store in Prague.
We had to change location due to more than 30 players at this day.

I took a picture of a

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Issue reason: 1st Place winner of the MvR Tribute repainting contest.
Contest Winner Contest Winner Name: Contest Winner
Awarded for winning one of the contests ran here on Wings of War Aerodrome.
Issue time: 05-14-2012, 00:46
Issue reason: 1st Place: Bloody April Bombing Mission contest.
5 Years of Service and 3000 posts 5 Years of Service and 3000 posts Name: 5 Years of Service and 3000 posts
Awarded to members for five years of service and 3000+ posts.
Issue time: 09-06-2017, 12:21
Issue reason: Awarded to members for five years of service and 3000+ posts.
Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal Name: Wings of Glory 10-Year Anniversary Medal
Awarded to Aerodrome members who joined on or before the 11th of March 2014.
Issue time: 04-23-2014, 22:38
Issue reason: Happy Anniversary Wings of Glory!!!
Sails of Glory Midshipman Medal Sails of Glory Midshipman Medal Name: Sails of Glory Midshipman Medal
A prestigious medal award to a select few for their dedication of time and knowledge to helping make the Sails of Glory Anchorage website a reality.
Issue time: 11-09-2011, 07:08
Issue reason: For dedication of time and knowledge to helping make the Sails of Glory Anchorage website a reality.
Sails of Glory Anchorage Silver Founding Member Sails of Glory Anchorage Silver Founding Member Name: Sails of Glory Anchorage Silver Founding Member
Awarded to those members that donate to the founding of the Sails of Glory Anchorage website.
Issue time: 11-09-2011, 23:16
Issue reason: Donating to the founding of the Sails of Glory Anchorage website.