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About TimeLapse
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Andrew Haught
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United States
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World War I
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I was born, to a world cold and dark. I took my first breaths and found that I could breath for the first time. The air tasted stale and clean. A light blinded my eyes I closed them tight but still its assaults my sight.

I 'm sorry how far back did you want me to go?

Well to make a long and dire story a bit sorter I became the ruler of a small Island at the age of 5. After a military Cue I was spirted away to the Americas. Nothing much happened till five years ago today, when I found myself making contact with an alien race call the Krriptons. They didn't speak as such but clicked in a Binary system that we were able to translate most of the key words. The government stepped in and covered most of it up. Though they did say we could talk about it, because who would believe us?

After that I kept a low-ish profile until i found a small boxed airplane at my local game store, ever since then I have been plunged once again in a game of tactics and war fair. I have not been so involved in a war since 1995 when I led a group of rebels to over throw a small dictatorship in Vermont.

But that is only a small % of my story if you want to know more simply ask and I may tell you some of it.

But for now I am Andrew and yes I know I'm awesome.
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