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    Hello Zoe,it's been some time since I last spoke, however I wonder if you could help me. I have been unable to use the Aerodrome Accessory page, run by Keith, do you know if there is a problem either with Keith, or is it just computer problems, I have left a message on the Shapeways page, but no response so far. I am trying to obtain a Felixstowe stand for our December meeting. If I can't obtain one from Keith, I will be forced to use one of my Handley Page 0/400 stands, alternatively, I will purchase one if any members would be willing to sell me one. For that matter, I am assuming that Keith does in fact produce them, you might be able to let me know.
    Hope you are well and I have just checked to see the last communication that we had was back in 2016. Kind regards, Geoff Kirby
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    Hi Zoe,
    You got ant paper map set s left? Also Wintercon 3 year medals. Could I put in for one of those too?

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    Zoe just a quick note of thanks for your instruction as to how to prepare the shapeways models. I used the spray varnish trick and after 4 coats the model came up real fine. Thanks Alastair
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    Zoe just put a couple of addition to your current order. I would like some of your decal's and crew but as I will not be down for Cancon would you be able to mail them to me. Thank you Alastair PS did not realise your decal's were home mad they are very good
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    My Vickers Gunbus arrived in the mail to day (in 1 peice) also the decal and crew figures which was very kind of you. I was very happy with the model. Now I have heard lots of stories on how to prepare the model for painting (something about spraying with Mr Sheen) how do you prepare your models and what do you do to finish them off eg a coat of varnish. So for all the questions its just a nice model and I want to get it right. Yet again thank you Kind Regards Alastair
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    Zoe when you get chance, would you be able to post my Vickers Gun bus up to me? My address is as follows:
    Alastair Wilson
    19 Patrick Street
    Qld 4510

    Secondly how much do I owe you (with the Qld postage) and how would you like to be paid? I can do any thing from a humble Postal order to Pay Pal just let me know. Yet again thanks for that. Kind regards Alastair
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    Yes that is correct. Thank you for your help let me know how much I owe you and I will make arrangments for payment. Thanks Alastair
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    Zoe in an earlier thread this week you mentioned you were sending an order to shapeways, have you sent the order yet? if not can I add a plane Vickers gunbus in WSF and I am quite happy to make a contribution to postage. Kind Regards Alastair
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Welcome to the Australian Capital Territory Flight. We usually play at the Canberra Games Society weekly meeting at the Barton Bridge Club on Thursdays.

See for details

If you're interested, but don't have any planes, rules, or indeed anything but an interest, don't worry: we may not have a copy of every aircraft that flew in combat in WW I, but it must come pretty close by now. We'll provide one for you.



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ZM Deck : For Hs123, I-15, He51, and all biplanes with speed 305-350 km/h 03-15-2013 150
ZJ Deck : For P-26, PzL-11, Dewoitine 510 and all monoplanes with speed 355-400 km/h 03-15-2013 196
CANCON 1-page rules Version 2 : This is a 1-page summary of how to play, including simplified altitude rules. Version 2. The second ... 07-16-2013 209
Hex for Naval Staaken : Hex pattern for naval Zeppelin-Staaken with overprinted (dark) edges 09-06-2013 51
WGS Speeds (revised, corrected) : Straight line distances and corresponding speeds for maneuver decks A-R, XA and XB, assuming 44 and ... 11-16-2013 132
Kettering Bug Deck/Ruler : Use for Swarms of Kettering Bugs 09-11-2013 61
Speed and Climb Curves : Data for selected aircraft for use in determining stats 12-17-2013 40
AWM Pfalz 4-colour lozenge on A4 : My interpretation of the 4-colour lozenge on the Pfalz D.XII in the Australian War Memorial. Appear ... 01-13-2015 46
Cancon House Rules : Simplified altitude, damage a bit nastier, chance of survival if forced down. 01-22-2015 115
1-page (double sided) summary v3 : The rules used at Cancon - a summary of the WGF rules on a double-sided A4 sheet, including house ru ... 01-22-2015 126
Cancon House Rules v4 2015 : Simplified altitude rules 08-05-2015 146
Solo Guide for Program : Simple guide for using solo program from DanjelRicci 06-15-2016 197
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