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  1. Dieter Wolfgang vonBrunckhorst, reporting to the PA squadron for duty (as requested by squadron commander Goering Ace).

    Actually I'm Bill Dougherty, a friend and former co-worker of Scott Lee's, I'm told I can order any of the minis through my local store (the Compleat Strategist in King of Prussia, just by showing up and handing Howard the list). So yes, I'll accept wing man requests once I figure out how and I'll talk with the store manager at the Strat about which nights/weekends we could play there.
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    glad to be a member!
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    Series 4 is in! wwwfrpgames has them in stock.
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    I thought since hunter is one of my wingmen, it would be prudent to ask you to be a wingman as well. Plus did not want to give him more braging rights, since he already won the Rumpler contest. Keep the sortie reports comming, I enjoy reading them.
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Professional archaeologist, drummer (40+ years), have a quad & motorcycle, I love NFL & NHL.
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Welcome to the Wings of War Aerodrome - Pennsylvania Squadron Commander's office. I currently have over 20 active members of my PA squadron and hope to have more joining soon. At the moment I have two Flight Leaders - RonaldRS - who takes care of the western PA/Pittsburgh area for me, and vacca rabite - who takes care of York, PA. I'm always on the lookout for new, capable Flight Leaders for other areas of PA, so if you're a new PA Squadron member and are interested in a Flight Leader position, drop me a PM. If you're visiting PA and looking for a dogfight, let me know. I'll do my best to find a game for you. Finally, if you are ever in my neck of the woods, please drop me a PM. I'd love the opportunity to fly with you. My hanger is always open for my fellow Aerodrome members.

Fly safe.
I've got your six!


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